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Limited liability companies and co-operatives: Keep details of beneficial owners up to date in the Finnish Trade Register

Most companies must file a notification of their actual beneficial owners with the Finnish Trade Register and then keep the details in the register up to date. For example, limited liability companies (not listed companies) and co-operatives must file a notification of beneficial owners.

The notification is free of charge.

When do I file a notification of beneficial owners?

File a notification immediately in the following situations:

  • The company has not filed its beneficial owner details with the Finnish Trade Register between 1 July 2019 and 1 July 2020.
  • The beneficial owner details have changed.
  • A new company has been registered.
  • You are no longer a beneficial owner of the company.

Who is a beneficial owner?

According to the Finnish Act on Money Laundering, a beneficial owner is a person who for example owns more than 25 percent of the shares of the company, or holds more than 25 percent of the voting rights in the company.

The company must file a notification of beneficial owners even if the company is of the opinion that it has no beneficial owners defined in the Finnish Act on Money Laundering.

Which companies file a notification?

Limited liability companies and co-operatives must always file a notification of beneficial owners.

General partnerships or limited partnerships file a notification if the beneficial owner is not a partner in the company or if a company is a partner.

Private traders, housing companies, mutual real estate limited companies, branches, listed companies, associations and foundations do not file a notification.

How to file a notification

File your notification online using the service at The service is available in Finnish and in Swedish. Go to to file your notification.

You can also authorise for example an employee of an accounting firm to file notifications on behalf of your company. You can give authorisations in the online service at

Where do I get more information?

Read our instructions at on how to file a notification of beneficial owners.

On the start page of our Virre Information Service, you can run a search by the Business ID to check if there are beneficial owners registered for the company. The search is free of charge. The registration of beneficial owner details is indicated in the basic details of the company. Go to Virre Information Service.

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