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What Sony Can Do for the Planet and Society

What Sony Can Do for the Planet and Society

October 21, 2021

Last month, Sony Group Corporation held an ESG Briefing primarily for the media, investors and analysts, in which the company explained its sustainability activities in the three areas of Environment, Social and Governance.
This Corporate Blog post features interviews with Mitsu Shippee (Senior General Manager, Sustainability Department, Sony Group Corporation) and Keiko Shiga (General Manager, Environment Section, Sustainability Department, Sony Group Corporation), who have been at the forefront of Sony's CSR and environmental efforts over the last ten years.

Q1: What was the most important message that Sony wanted to convey through the recent ESG Briefing?
Q2: Why is Sony so strongly committed to addressing environmental and social issues?
Q3: What is Sony's approach in the environment?
Q4: Is Sony also engaged in any unique initiatives in the area of entertainment?
Q5: What is Sony's approach to diversity and inclusion among its employees?
Q6: What is Sony doing to address these global issues?
Q7: With Sony continuing to strengthen its sustainability initiatives in recent years, where have you have noticed the most significant changes? Also, where you would like to see even more progress going forward?

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