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03/13/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 03/13/2019 14:52

Why is NLP so hot? Deriving value from data through natural language

When facing strategic obstacles that can hinder innovation and muddy the decision-making process, such as organizational silos, Deloitte found that businesses with leaders who embody the characteristics of the Industry 4.0 persona 'the Data-Driven Decisive' are overcoming these roadblocks through a methodical, data-driven approach and are often bolder in their decisions.

In order to effectively apply data throughout an organization, companies need to provide employees with a base-level understanding of the importance and role of data within their business. And, looking at the overwhelming demand to be met here, the challenge needs to be approached from both ends through education and tools.

Teaching employees how they can use data and which questions to ask will go some distance to establishing a group of data-capable individuals within the workforce. Giving them the effective media through which they can consume data exponentially increases the number of people that can 'read' data (manipulate, analyze, and visualize it) in a way that allows them to make better decisions.

The aim is not to convert everyone into a data scientist. Data specialists will still be needed to do more forward-looking number crunching, and both groups might yield different solutions. Natural language processing as used in Tableau's Ask Data solution mainly aims to lower the bar for all the non-data experts to use data to improve the results of their day-to-day jobs.