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A Journey Into Fear with Darren Berrecloth's Movie: Reverence A Journey Into Fear with Darren Berrecloth's Movie: Reverence

This week, GoPro's San Diego office hosted the SoCal premiere of Reverence, a jaw-dropping look into freeride mountain biking. It is terrifying, exhilarating, and most of all, eye-opening.

The movie starred GoPro athletes Darren Berrecloth, Dan Atherton, Gee Atherton and Rachel Atherton as well as freeride legends Cam McCaul, Tyler McCaul, James Doerfling and Matt McDuff. It was produced by The Claw and his brother Ryan and directed by Ambrose Weingart.

The hour-long movie was the brainchild of Clever Bear Productions (a.k.a. Darren and Ryan), and it delves into the fear athletes are constantly up against when training, competing, and most of all, pushing the boundaries to land new tricks. While the movie focuses on this phenomenon of overcoming fear in relation to freeride mountain biking, Darren says the mentality that these athletes employ can be applied to anyone.

'When we go and deal with fear, it's the exact same process as a soccer mom that's afraid to let her kid go play soccer,' he explains. 'It's the same type of fear, and it's the same process. That's why it's so important for people to understand.'

Relatable, yes. But does it get any easier? No. So it is oddly comforting to see the journey through fear that Reverence presents.

Reverence also shared the moments, and doctors visits, leading up to Darren's retirement from freeriding, which he announced last month. Darren broke his back four times-FOUR. And for the first time, while filming, the doctors told him he cannot withstand the impacts he used to be able to.

'The fact that I broke my back is the only reason I found out this,' he explains.

While it's always tough to see such an iconic athlete retire, Darren knew his long-term health and family needed to be the priority. The good news is that so long as Claw can reel in is rebellious full-send tendencies, he is cleared to keep on riding.

And it's not like we won't be seeing lots more of Darren in the freeriding world. He made his way to San Diego by route of Red Bull Rampage, where for the first time ever, he spent his hours in Zion as a Red Bull correspondent instead of a competitor.

'I'm switching my motivation of pushing my limits of what can be done on a mountain bike,' Darren says. 'Now I'm pushing my limits to see what can be done in adventures and exploration.'

Reverence is now available on iTunes, or find a local showing on the Reverence website. Keep visiting The Inside Line for GoPro events that are open to the public.