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04/11/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/11/2019 07:19

Devonport’s Police Maritime Unit role at Naval Base

We help as a deterrent and protection of the Base from the waters around Devonport.

Inspector Luke Halls

The team has use of three Pacific 24 Ribs and five 15 metre Launches - that are to be replaced within the next two years.

The new launches will have ballistic protection and come with all new state of the art technology such as new radar, radios and navigation plotters.

One of the main problems faced by the team on patrol are jet skiers showing off and speeding or getting too close to the many warships and vessels using the Port and Devonport Naval Base.

This can cause big problems especially if they are in the way of ships trying to manoeuvre in Plymouth Sound.

Another unfortunate problem faced by the Unit is people taking their lives in their patrol areas or around the harbour.

Escorting naval vessels into Devonport and putting up a police cordon around these vessels helps keep other boats away and allows clear navigation.

On the river they are also looking for more serious problems such as criminal acts as well as information received about suspicious vessels.

'I believe we provide a good service to the Royal Navy,' said Inspector Luke Halls, MOD Maritime Police Unit.

'We help as a deterrent and protection of the Base from the waters around Devonport.

'Our unit also deploy Officers around the country, looking after the Ships in those areas, in fact we currently have two Officers up in Scotland helping the maritime units based there.'

Overall the Devonport Police Maritime Unit provides a vital service to both the Royal Navy and the City of Plymouth and are the sole Police Force on the river.

Their constant vigilance and careful eye for detail serve both as a deterrent to hostiles on the water and a protection for the Naval Base, as well as individuals and vessels inside and around Plymouth Sound.