Taichung City Government

11/06/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/05/2018 19:52

Taichung disabled community care center service achievement show 500 physically disabled people echoing to have their talent show

Taichung City Government has initiated the disabled community center services to encourage the physically disabled people and their caregivers to walk out of home and into the communities. By now, there are 37 disabled centers established, which are the first introduced and the most domestically. Social Affairs Bureau today (23rd) has conducted the event of「Together, love with warmth of the disabled enabled」for the achievement show of Taichung disabled community care centers and invited 500 physically disabled people and volunteers to perform their talent show. Deputy Director of the Social Affairs Bureau Kun-huang Chen was there to award the Infinity Creative Award, Full Power Award and Energized Volunteer Award etc. to recognize the efforts of the physically disabled people have made.

Deputy Director Kun-huang Chen, Social Affairs Bureau, said, the disabled people usually limit their social involvement due to the general stereotypes, physical limitations and the care burdens of the family. At the same time when the central government is facilitating senior community care center services, the City Government is dedicated to driving the disabled people to move in the communities they are familiar with. So many passionate community development associations and people organizations are called for joining in the arrays of center services.

「It's nice to have you all!」Director Chen has expressed his appreciation to the leaders and the volunteers of these 37 centers; the goal of the services facilitated by the City Government is to see the physically disabled people will walk out to interact with the others. The volunteers routinely provide on-site services will engage the disabled people with the health promotional activities. Through the achievement show today, all the volunteering physically disabled people and family were expected to have a lot of gainings, no matter if the were awarded or not.

The officer of Social Affairs Bureau has pointed out, the City Government has implemented the disabled welfare to establish the first initiated disabled community care centers with the earnings from the allocated profits of public benefit lottery in Taichung to make the physically disabled people to feel「together to be warm」in the communities. By now, 37 centers in Taichung are the biggest number of centers in Taiwan and have served more than 700 disabled people. It's expected to generate the benchmarking by way of the achievement shows to upgrade the center service with better quality and bring more physically disabled people to stand up on the stage of the communities.