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07/23/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/22/2019 22:08

Sustained investment in the future of farming

Highly skilled, niche adjusters will become increasingly in demand as insured risks become ever more complex and claims become larger and more demanding. This is true for virtually all sectors that Crawford operates in and, in my view, particularly for the agricultural sector.

The farming industry is undergoing a transformative period that will significantly alter how food is produced. Innovative approaches to new food demands, such as the development of floating farms and the growth in insect farming, are evolving in tandem with alternative farming methods designed to enhance sustainability and reduce the sector's impact on climate change.

At Crawford, huge investment in attracting and retaining employees from the agricultural sector, and the development of sector-specific training and development programs, form a central part of our drive to ensure our adjusting capabilities evolve in tandem with the changes we are seeing in the farming sector.

A recognized leader in the handling of agricultural claims both within the UK and globally, Crawford currently has one of the most diverse and experienced teams of specialists in the sector. Yet to maintain that position, we are working from the ground up, attracting talent from leading agricultural universities and colleges who already have that passion for farming and desire to learn more and to contribute to its development.

That investment in the agricultural loss adjusters of next-generation farming includes a bespoke range of graduate and trainee schemes that help to develop insurance and adjusting skills, as well as strengthening our team's understanding of changing farming practices. These combine practical, on-site sessions, as well as classroom and on-line training programs designed to ensure that we are prepared for the farms of the future.

That training also extends beyond the boundaries of Crawford and out to our clients in the agricultural sector. For example, we recently worked with a client to develop and deliver training to their underwriters around how the industry is adapting to become more sustainable.

Another key part of our training program is mentoring. That regular direct contact between seasoned adjusters and rising talent is a critical part of creating and inspiring the next generation of adjuster. It's about harnessing the passion that we know is already there and helping to direct it. That also means offering clear career progression paths that help to create engaged teams.

Our intake of up-and-coming adjusters in the agricultural sector is unprecedented and through our training and mentoring programs, our goal is to take them through our door and get them out into the fields as quickly as we possibly can.