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11/08/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/08/2019 02:16

Volvo reduces transports using a digitalized system

A system-of-systems

A system-of-systems for urban transports is a complex issue and it involves many players and many different systems not designed to interact with one another.

'What is unique with this service is that we will create a system with a dynamic decision-making algoritm for consolidation and re-loading in hubs based on a complex amount of data,' explains Cecilia Haraldsson. 'This is a whole new way of thinking and working in this industry, and it will not happen by itself.'

The project partners want to improve the city's accessibility. More efficient transports bring lower environmental impact and fewer traffic jams. In addition, logistics costs will be reduced and deliveries to city centres will be more secure.

'This approach will meet the challenges we see in Gothenburg, and in cities in general', says Magnus Jäderberg from the Gothenburg Urban Transport Administration. 'The project is important to ensure a functioning and vibrant inner city, especially in light of the extensive construction work that is going on in the city of Gothenburg.'

Higher efficiency, lower environmental impact, increased traffic safety

Through coordination the trucks will be more fully loaded. A preliminary study indicates that the number of transports to the city centre could be cut by at least 40 per cent, accompanied by a 75 per cent reduction in fossil fuel vehicles for goods delivery in the inner city.

In order to test and demonstrate solutions, the project will establish a living lab where solutions will be gradually implemented, and create an open platform for more innovation and start-ups. 'I hope that this project will inspire even more innovation and that the solutions we develop for downtown Gothenburg will be spread to other cities where connected technology can contribute to higher efficiency, lower environmental impact and increased traffic safety,' says Cecilia Haraldsson.