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10/23/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/23/2019 06:39

The Abertis Foundation, the Directorate-General for Traffic, Movistar and Yelmo Cines launch the #PuedoEsperar campaign to alert about the risk of using the mobile phone behind[...]

  • A shocking communication action has begun this week and has captured the interest of the public in a place where it is not common to receive this type of message, movie theatres.
  • The Abertis Foundation once again used a real testimony to highlight the risk of misuse of the mobile phone and text messages behind the wheel, through its protagonist, who suffered irreversible injuries due to a traffic accident.
  • One third of the serious and fatal traffic accidents are caused by a distraction, the smartphone being the first one, according to the DGT.

The General manager of Traffic, Pere Navarro; the director of the Abertis Foundation, Sergi Loughney; the director of Corporate Ethics and Sustainability of Telefónica, Elena Valderrábano; and the Marketing Director of Yelmo Cines, Javier Saura, have presented today #PuedoEsperar, a new high-impact campaign promoted by the Abertis Foundation to alert and raise public awareness of the risk of using the mobile phone and instant messaging applications improperly while driving.

According to data from the DGT, almost one third of the serious and fatal traffic accidents are caused by a distraction, the smartphone being the first of them. Accidents in which the improper use of the mobile phone behind the wheel is present take almost as many lives as in those in which a driver is drunk. Using WhatsApp -or any other instant messaging application- while driving triggers an accident risk of 134%, and yet 43% of young people use it while driving.

The campaign presented today is aimed at raising awareness about this danger, transmitting a shocking message in a place where it is not usual to receive this type of message: movie theatres.

This new creative communication action is based on the real testimony of Enzo, a young man who suffered very serious and irreversible injuries due to a traffic accident caused by answering a text message while he was behind the wheel, wants to make the public reflect on the importance of being able to wait and decide how and when to use the mobile phone when driving.

The spectators who have passed through the multiplex cinema of Yelmo Cines in Rivas Viciamadrid since October 18 have found, inside the cinemas, a crashed car. Before the movie, from the screen, Enzo reveals to the spectators the meaning of the car and the consequences of the terrible accident that he himself suffered. The reactions of the public present in the rooms can be seen as of today in the more than 400 rooms of Yelmo Cines in Spain, on the channels of Movistar Spain, Abertis Foundation and Yelmo, as well as on the campaign website:

Campaign in social media

The action carried out in movie theatres is the beginning of a positive campaign that will be carried out through social networks. With the hashtag '#PuedoEsperar', everyone is invited to share the campaign on social networks. All the institutions involved will actively collaborate to encourage the participation of the public, which will be able to interact by telling through social networks how, in many moments, answering to the mobile phone while driving is not urgent and can always wait. To participate they just have to write what their commitment is, with the campaign hashtag.

Finally, the website also includes information and useful tips provided by the Directorate-General for Traffic and Movistar on the different uses and appropriate services, and the accident rate on roads linked to this new scourge.

About the Abertis Foundation

The Abertis Foundation was born in 1999 as a nonprofit entity, with the aim of responding to the impact that the economic activity of the Abertis Group has on the different territories and countries where the Group is present. The Foundation has always given priority to actions related to road safety, the environment and social action, in line with the Abertis Strategic Social Responsibility Plan and the Abertis Group's commitment to road safety.

Link to download campaign videos: