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Sri Lanka Press Event

Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat (PRDS), The Upstream Oil & Gas Regulatory body of the Government of Sri Lanka organised a press briefing on Wedneday September 15th 2021. Present on the panel were Surath Ovitigama, Director General PRDS, Hon. Andrew Searle, Field Supervisor at Bell Geospace, Udaya Gammanpila Minister at Ministry of Energy, Hon. D.V Chanaka, State Minister of Aviation and Development of Export Zones, Mrs. KDR Olga, Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mr. Chaminda Hettiarachchi, Additional Secretary (Development) of the Ministry of Energy.

Press Statement

"Dear Honourable Ministers, Director General of PRDS, other invited guests, ladies and gentlemen.

My Name is Andrew Searle and I am the Bell Geospace field crew supervisor for the Sri Lanka Airborne Data Acquisition Project. I am supported by and manage a small team comprising of a fellow science equipment operator, 2 pilots and an aircraft mechanic.

Photo left shows crew, left to right Captain Thierry Gaillot, Operator Tomos Roscoe Hudson, Supervisor Andrew Searle, First Officer Ali Cisse, Aircraft Mechanic Mike Bertrand

I look forward to taking you to our aircraft after this briefing, introducing you to my team and explaining a little more about the plane (which is a Basler DC3 turbo prop conversion) and talking a little about the onboard scientific equipment when we get there.

We are a totally passive airborne platform which has no impact on the environment, wildlife or marine animals. We also have upward facing exhausts which further reduce noise. We typically fly early in the morning when conditions are calmer for better data acquisition and our flights typically last approximately 6 hours.

Image shows the press and ministry receiving tour

As of the time of this press conference we have completed over 60% of this current project. The aircraft and science equipment are operating very well and the data we have acquired so far is of excellent quality. Once processed, it will provide detailed subsurface 3D imaging and therefore increased understating of the entire survey area whilst also being used to compare it to and supplement the historic 2D lower definition mapping. This will help build a comprehensive case study to promote offshore exploration in Sri Lanka.

Image shows photo taken from the cockpit

Bell Geospace is acquiring a combination of magnetic data and Full Tensor Gravity data to 3D map the sub surface density contrasts, faults and anomalies. FTG is a powerful imagining technique especially for the shallow subsurface. It is far cheaper and a great deal quicker to acquire than seismic imaging. In this project it is a powerful approach to delineate the volcanic flood in the Mannar basin which hampers seismic imaging.

We can provide seamless mapping of offshore, onshore and transition zones. In simple terms we fly and record data wherever needed, be it for oil and gas, minerals or to provide better geological understanding of unknown or complex sub surface features and anomalies. We have a proven track record of delivering very high-quality results in a relatively short period of time.

Further information can be found onour webpageand we also have ourYouTube channelwhich provides a great deal more information on what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

Please get into contact with our business development team via our website if you wish to engage us for further survey acquisition or have any technical questions you wish answered. ''

Image shows Field Crew Supervisor Andrew Searle at the Press Briefing

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We invite industry players to join the industry briefing online during SEG AAPG IMAGE 21.Free passes to the exhibition hall can be downloaded here.

The talk will take place inside the Bell Geospace virtual booth. 9am Mountain Time | Tuesday September 28th. Learn more about Bell Geo's activitiesduring the event here.