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Digitale Transformation ist Führungsaufgabe: 5 Tipps, wie Sie zum Digital Leader werden.

Modern Workplace - Oct 18, 2021

Digitale Transformation ist Führungsaufgabe: 5 Tipps, wie Sie zum Digital Leader werden.

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Published on Oct 18, 2021.
IT-Deployment und -Management im Zeichen von New Work.
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New Work - The fundamental transformation of companies in the hybrid age.
"Can I work from home tomorrow? Someone'll have to let the heating person in." This is not a sentence you'll hear very often anymore, because in a lot of companies, people connecting to the office within their own four walls is nothing worth talking about. Flexibility is the magic word. Yet the amenities of a modern workplace are not without their challenges, as the realities of existing structures often defy the hybrid workplace. Empowering a modern work style is not just a matter of giving people the right tools; it also takes a much more radical cultural shift.
The Digital Solutions Reflection Room: for better collaboration and more mindfulness.
Flexible, secure working, the way you like it-whether from the cloud, hybrid or on-prem.
For the past decades, it was a given to drive to the office every day and have all your colleagues working on premise at the same time, but this changed drastically throughout the course of the last year, when companies were forced to send their employees home. To keep businesses afloat, ways had to be found to collaborate virtually, even in places where it previously wasn't possible. Topics such as the compatibility of different technologies or the needs of employees often fell by the wayside. More and more people are returning to the office, but for many, working from at home has proven to be a good alternative that they would like to sustain for the future. The new normal of working will most likely be a hybrid of the two.
Swapping old for new - Apple and Bechtle's GiveBack programme.
Time for an upgrade? Benefit from attractive buy-back offers for your old Apple hardware and invest in new, more high-performance devices with the GiveBack programme. Available for 10+ devices.
Digital finance and insurance with Cisco AppDynamics - How banking will become more innovative.
Digitalisation is changing the way people live and work. This has also changed the expectations that end users have towards applications, especially in terms of usability, as badly designed apps can now easily frustrate customers. Something we can all relate to from experience. On the other hand, you also have many examples of how a positive user experience can really bind your customer to a software or even a brand as a whole. Expectations towards digital services have changed-customer satisfaction is now key. In this blog, we'll outline the opportunities digital transformation can bring to the finance and insurance sector and how you can make them work for you.
The future of work is already here and businesses should act today.
For many years, a lot of German companies have rejected the idea of integrating home office and location-agnostic working into their corporate culture, but events of the past year have left them little choice as the world of work has undergone fundamental changes. Experts predict that some of these changes will be permanent and we have witnessed the birth of new world of work with digital leadership, less office-based working, fewer trips and more online-first conferences, and the use of digital collaborations tools characterising our working days.
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