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Hole No. 12 at Crosswater - Most Interesting Holes Series

Twelfth in our OGA series about the Most Interesting Holes is the #12 at Crosswater Club

One of the longest holes in Oregon, the twelfth hole is quite appropriately named 'Endless.' Yardages include 687, 649, 608, 572 and 485.

There is a lake along the entire left side of the hole. The longest tee has the extra bonus of having a long carry over the water to reach the fairway whereas it is to the side for the rest of the tees. Out of bounds and trees run the whole right. While the initial landing zone is fairly wide, the rest of the fairway is undulating, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow.

Several bunkers along the right side are there to dissuade a golfer from playing too far away from the water, or to catch an errant shot before heading out of bounds. The bunkers multiply in number and difficulty near the green. For the longer hitter, the long shallow bunker guards against attempting to cut the curve over the pond to reach the green.

Relief for finally making it to the green is short lived. The smallest green on the course is narrow at the front and just keeps getting narrower while angling even closer to the water. A flag to the back left of this green would be a further level of difficulty.

USGA Course Rating takes the length of the hole into account. With multiple landing zones, the same obstacle can come into play multiple times in the play of a single hole. If the same trouble comes into play in at least two of the landing zones and they are considered punitive, we can add what is called a '(2) adjustment'. In the case of the Out of Bounds, we didn't use the adjustment since the OB is a fair distance from the center of the fairway, therefore it is not considered punitive. For Water, it depended on how wide the fairway was at the measured landing zone. If the fairway was narrow, the water is closer and more punitive. If that happens for the same golfer (either the Scratch or the Bogey) from the same tee, that makes the hole even more difficult to play. In addition to water and OB/extreme rough, we can also use the adjustment if fairway bunkers are in multiple landing zones.

The final obstacle where we can use the (2) adjustment is Roll. In the case of a severe down or uphill hole where shots will gain or lose yardage on multiple shots, we can make sure that factor is included. In the case of Roll, however, the adjustment can be added to an uphill, more difficult, hole. It can also be used to show that there is less difficulty on a hole that is downhill for multiple shots causing a hole to play shorter.

The longest tee, at 687 yards, is only a few yards short of par 6 designation. For Men, par 6 is over 690 yards, while for women 591 would be considered a par 6. It is the longest tee that is currently rated by OGA. There are only 13 tees listed in Oregon and SW Washington that are longer than 625 yards.

From the Nomination: 'Endless' is a perfect name for one of the longest par fives you will ever play. With a lake down the entire left side and bunkering and trees to the right, this is a very demanding hole. Hit it long and straight a couple of times and you will be left with a short iron into the smallest green on the course, guarded by bunkers and water to the left. Good luck!'

From Sunriver's Website: The appropriately named 'Endless' 12th hole at Crosswater is interesting in so many ways. First, at 687 yards long from the Championship tees, this hole is one of the longest in the country. However, with 6 sets of tees this golf hole can be played in many different ways for players of all levels. Secondly, not only does this beautiful par 5 have a pond that extends the entire length of the hole on the left hand side but there is also out of bounds lining the entire right hand side of the hole. As if the length, a water hazard and OB weren't enough to challenge the players, this hole also features the smallest green complex on the golf course. Lastly, the views on this golf hole are absolutely stunning. Mt. Bachelor peaks over the top of the towering ponderosa pines down the right hand side and serves as a great aiming point for the more aggressive players.

** The twelfth hole at Crosswater earned 81 fan votes to earn 12th-place recognition in the OGA 18 Most Interesting Holes Series contest. Throughout the year Gretchen Yoder, OGA Manager of Course Rating & Handicapping, will explain what makes each hole unique and describe the ideas behind rating these gems.