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Hang Lung Properties Presents New Kowloon East Residential Project 皓日THE APERTURE Read more

(Hong Kong, November 18, 2021) Hang Lung Properties today unveiled the name of its exquisite new residential project in Kowloon East - "皓日THE APERTURE". Embodying Hang Lung's We Do It Well philosophy, the new project is situated in a prime, sought-after location in Kowloon East with high accessibility - the MTR Kowloon Bay Station is just a three-minute walk[1] away, making journey times to Hong Kong Island East and Central 15 minutes and 30 minutes respectively [2]. Within its neighborhood are three large shopping malls that can satisfy residents' needs for daily necessities. The project offers a total of 294 units. Typical units[3] are in one- to three-bedroom layout designs with a saleable area between 320 square feet and 771 square feet. One-bedroom and two-bedroom units make up, respectively, about 30% and 50% [4] of all units.

The architectural design of the project was inspired by the concept of "home". In light and shade is the revelation of the home, a space cosy and pleasant amid the hustle and bustle of city life, encapsulating the "Life Just Right" concept. The Chinese name of the project "皓日" means "bright sun". The Chinese character "皓" (read as "ho") means "brightness", whereas "日" (read as "yat") means "sun" and it has the same pronunciation as the Chinese character "逸", carrying the meaning of comfort and ease, speaking to the leisurely lifestyle residents are promised. Bathing in sunlight, the project warms the heart. As for the English name of the project, "THE APERTURE", it is the opening in camera shutter that let's light in, just as the project captures light and energy surrounding Kowloon Bay, bestowing upon residents a lifestyle comfortable yet full of vitality.

Ms. Teresa Pang, Senior Manager - Property Sales of Hang Lung Properties, said, "'皓日 THE APERTURE' is a rare new residential project in a prime location in Kowloon Bay. Taking its inspiration from the concept of 'home', the project aims to provide residents with a balanced and quality living space that is 'just right'. The Chinese name of the project '皓日' has similar pronunciation as the Chinese words '好日' (meaning good day), conveying the wish that every day is a good day for residents. With many large corporations and international brands having moved into the Kowloon East core business area in recent years and the project being brand new and rare in the locale, we expect it to be sought after by extended families in the district and those looking to upgrade their residences, as well as professionals and young families."

"皓日THE APERTURE" boasts an eight-minute "just right" living circle, with three large shopping malls, namely Amoy Plaza, Telford Plaza and MegaBox, located close by with more than 600 shops[5] and about 220 restaurants[6] in all. There are also many well-recognized schools, as well as various leisure and cultural facilities in the area available to meet residents' diverse needs, including more than 100 hectares of green spaces[7] and the East Kowloon Cultural Centre set to the open in 2023[8].

"皓日THE APERTURE" also features more than 15,000 square feet of resort-style themed clubhouse and green space [9] for relaxation. It is designed by internationally renowned design studio CL3, which has combined both European elegance and style in the architecture and interior of the space. The facilities revolve around two themes of "Health" and "Taste", including a 25-meter-long outdoor swimming pool that echoes the surrounding garden landscape, a 24-hour gym room, a lounge, and a barbecue area [10] encircled by lush greenery.

Marrying modern architectural aesthetics with environmental conservation concepts, "皓日 THE APERTURE" holds the Hong Kong Green Building Council's BEAM Plus Provisional Gold certification[11], while the construction of the development will feature deployment of the Enertainer, an advanced battery energy storage system that replaces the use of traditional diesel generators for a cleaner and quieter construction site. Electric Vehicle charging stations will also be available for residents. "皓日 THE APERTURE" is another masterpiece of Hang Lung set to catch the eyes of the market following the success of The Long Beach, The HarbourSide and 23-39 Blue Pool Road.
Typical unit floor plan[12]:
Type of units Saleable area Number of units
One-bedroom (open kitchen) 320-328 square feet 85 (about 29%)
Two-bedroom (open kitchen) 440-457 square feet 85 (about 29%)
Two-bedroom 494-511 square feet 60 (about 20%)
Three-bedroom 592-593 square feet 29 (about 10%)
Three-bedroom with multi-purpose room 770-771 square feet
29 (about 10%)
[1] The above mentioned walking time is assessed and calculated by the independent transport consultant (on July 22, 2021), it is calculated by taking the main entrance of the Development "THE APERTURE" as the starting point, and for reference only. The actual travelling time is subject to volume of people, route, weather and actual road conditions as well as individual circumstances.
[2] Travel time is estimated based on information on the MTR corporate website www.mtr.com.hk (on July 2, 2021).
[3] Typical units exclude Flat G, H, J, K on 3/F and Flat A, D on 37/F.
[4] Please refer to the Sales Brochure and latest approved [architectural drawings / floor plans] for area and layout details.
[5] The number of shops (more than 600) is calculated based on the number of shops provided by Amoy Plaza, Telford Plaza and MegaBox on July 29, 2021, details can be found on the websites of the relevant shopping malls: Amoy Plaza: https://www.hanglung.com/en-us/hong-kong-properties/commercial/ngau-tau-kok/amoyplaza, Telford Plaza:
https://www.telford-plaza.com, and MegaBox:http://www.megabox.com.hk.
[6] The number of restaurants (about 220) is based on the information provided by the website of Open Rice on July 29, 2021, details can be found on https://www.openrice.com/.
[7] The measure of green space of more than 100 hectares is derived from the sizes of open space and green belt recorded in the Approved Ngau Tau Kok and Kowloon Bay Outline Zoning Plan No. S/K 13/30, source: https://www2.ozp.tpb.gov.hk/plan/ozp_plan_notes/en/S_K13_30_e.pdf.
[8] The information about the East Kowloon Cultural Centre is from: https://www.legco.gov.hk/yr14-15/english/fc/pwsc/papers/p15-09e.pdf. The above infrastructure project and/or commercial project and/or plan and/or proposed building and facilities and etc. are still in the progress of construction/planning, subject to modification(s) from time to time, and may not be completed and available upon occupation of the Development. The ultimate planning, design, completion and available date are subject to the latest announcement(s) issued by the relevant government authorities or private agencies. This advertisement/ promotional material shall not constitute or be construed as giving any offer, representation, undertaking or warranty given by the vendor as to the implementation, ultimate planning, design, completion and available date of the above infrastructure and/or commercial project and/or plan. The information set out in this advertisement may not be the same as and when the project/plan/building and facilities is completed.
[9] The club area is constituted by the total area of clubhouse (including any recreational facilities provided for residents) and the total area of the residential public garden or recreational place (whether it is named as covered and park view playground or other names), details can be found in the sales brochure.
[10] The clubhouse facilities may not be immediately available upon occupation of the Development. The opening hours and operation of different facilities of the Development are subject to any relevant laws, land grant, deed of mutual covenant, regulations and terms of use of the clubhouse from time to time and the situation of the environment. The vendor reserves the absolute right to amend or change clubhouse facilities and its partitions, design, layout and user. The clubhouse and recreational facilities may be subject to additional charges. The names of the clubhouse and/or recreational facilities are for advertising and promotional purpose only, and may not be adopted by or shown on building plan(s), titled deeds or other legal documents. The relevant names may be changed upon or after the Development is completed, the Vendor does not give any express or implied offer, representation, undertaking or warranty. The vendor reserves the absolute right to change the opening hours and dates of the show room and show flat(s).
[11] The Development - "THE APERTURE" has been awarded BEAM Plus (New Building) Provisional Gold by Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited.
[12] Typical units exclude Flat G, H, J, K on 3/F and Flat A, D on 37/F.

Name of the Development: The Aperture | District: Ngau Tau Kok & Kowloon Bay | Name of the street and street number at which the Development is situated: 11 Ngau Tau Kok Road^| Address of the website designated by the Vendor for the Development: www.theaperture.com.hk
The photographs, images, drawings or sketches shown in this advertisement/promotional material represent an artist's impression of the development concerned only. They are not drawn to scale and/or may have been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques. Prospective purchasers should make reference to the sales brochure for details of the development. The vendor also advises prospective purchasers to conduct an on-site visit for a better understanding of the development site, its surrounding environment and the public facilities nearby.

This advertisement/promotional material is for reference only and shall not be construed as constituting the giving of any express or implied term, offer, representation, undertaking or warranty on the part of the Vendor regarding the Development or any part thereof (whether related to view or its surrounding environment). The Vendor advises prospective purchasers to refer to the sales brochure for any information on the Development.

Vendor: Total Select Limited ︱Holding companies of the vendor: Hang Lung Group Limited, Hang Lung Properties Limited, Newhart Investments Limited and Total Lead Holdings Limited ︱ The authorized person for the Development: Mr. Ng Kwok Fai ︱ The firm or corporation of which an authorized person for the Development is a proprietor, director or employee in his or her professional capacity: LWK & Partners (HK) Limited ︱Building contractor for the Development: Paul Y. Builders Limited︱The firm of solicitors acting for the owner in relation to the sale of residential properties in the Development: Mayer Brown ︱ Any authorized institution that has made a loan, or has undertaken to provide finance, for the construction of the Development: Not Applicable ︱ Any other person who has made a loan for the construction of the Development: HLP Treasury Limited ︱The estimated material date for the Development to the best of the Vendor's knowledge: October 2, 2023 (The material date means the date on which the development is completed in all respects in compliance with the approved building plans. The estimated material date is subject to any extension of time that is permitted under the Agreement for Sale and Purchase.)︱This advertisement is published by the vendor or by Strategic Financial Relations Ltd. with the consent of the vendor.︱Date of Printing: November 18, 2021
^The above provisional street number is subject to confirmation when the development is completed