California Senate Republican Caucus

04/03/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/03/2020 23:30

Covid-19 Response Spending

Date Action Amount Description
2-Apr SB 89 Letter #5 $ 8.7 State Prison COVID-19 Prevention
5.7 Reimburse counties for not taking inmate transfers from county jails
3.0 Pay counties for supervising early-release prisoners through existing program
2-Apr SB 89 Letter #4 $ 50.0 Expands Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (operated by California Infrastructure Bank) for businesses that will not qualify for federal programs
31-Mar SB 89 Letter #3 $ 111.0 Seniors, Food Banks, and County Administration
41.0 Relocation of senior care facility residents
20.0 Support food banks and similar organizations
5.0 Conduct wellness checks for IHSS and other seniors
24.3 Funds for county CalFresh administration
8.0 Funds for county CalWORKs administration
12.7 Funds for county Medi-Cal eligiblity administration
20-Mar SB 89 Letter #2 $ 42.0 Hospital capacity, equipment, and transportation
30.0 Lease Seton and St. Vincent hospitals to expand capacity
1.4 Expand Dept. of Public Health laboratory in Richmond
8.6 Purchase and refurbish ventilators and other equipment
2.0 Contract with AMR for emergency transportation
18-Mar SB 89 Letter #1 $ 150.0 Homeless shelter capacity
100.0 Temporary shelters, services, and supplies
50.0 Hotels, motels, trailers, and wraparound services
Date Action Amount Description
1-Apr Executive order Unknown Governor issues order citing authority to spend from any legally available fund to provide surge capacity and medical supplies and equipment
25-Mar Reserve transfer 1,300.0 Transfer under existing law from Special fund for Economic Uncertainties (reserve account) to Disaster Response-Emergency Operations Account (DREOA)
17-Mar SB 117 signed 100.0 Appropriates $100 million to help schools obtain protective equipment and cleaning supplies. Protects schools from loss of attendance funds due to closure.
17-Mar SB 89 signed 1,000.0 Provides $500 million initially with additional $50 million increments available up to a total of $1 billion, subject to 72-hour notice to Joint Legislative Budget Committee