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02/08/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/07/2019 20:02

Survey on the effects of autogenic training on the mind, body, and skin: Ideas for a new type of holistic skincare

Fourteen post-menopausal women in their forties and fifties who felt that they had dry or sensitive skin were enrolled as testing subjects. Each subject was asked to conduct two autogenic training sessions(heaviness and warmth training)every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for eight weeks. In each session, the subject sits on a chair, takes an easy posture, closes her eyes, and recites, 'I am calm; Nothing can disturb me,' to conjure a state of silence and concentration. Next, she recites the first AT formula, 'My arms and legs are heavy' (for muscular relaxation), focuses on the sensations, recites the second AT formula,' My arms and legs are warm' (for vascular dilation), and focuses again on the sensations. Finally, she opens and closes her hands and stretches while opening her eyes (for awaking). The subjects visited the research laboratory twice to undergo skin measurements: once before the start of the eight-week trial and once at the end. In place of the autogenic training, a control group of twelve women were asked simply to close their eyes for three minutes.