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07/18/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/18/2019 10:03

Universal Security Instruments Smoke Alarm Recall

Faulty Smoke Alarms May Not Detect Fires According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission


Smoke alarm recall

EAST PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND - As reported in an online news article published by, Universal Security Instruments has recalled more than 180,000 smoke alarms that may not detect and alert consumers to potential fires.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported that more than 180,000 smoke detectors/alarms manufactured by Universal Security Instruments have been recalled. The affected smoke detectors are battery-powered and have misaligned internal switches which may prevent the smoke detectors from activating an alarm in the event of a fire. Such a failure may cause occupants of a building to suffer severe injuries or death.

The recall involving smoke detectors manufactured by Universal Security Instruments includes the following model numbers:

Both models have date codes between January 19, 2015, and July 11, 2016 (identified as 2015JAN19 and 2016JUL11).

The CPSC advises consumers with a smoke detector manufactured by Universal Security Instruments to test the smoke detectors in their homes and ensure they activate when pushing the 'test' button. If the alarm goes off, then no additional action is required. If the alarm does not go off, consumers are advised to immediately contact Universal Security Instruments for a replacement smoke detector that works properly.

The Consequences of Faulty Smoke Detectors

Consumers rely on smoke detectors to alert them when even the slightest amount of smoke is detected. While many alerts end up being false alarms, smoke detectors have saved lives when the alerts really matter, and there is a fire in the home or building. When smoke detectors fail in a situation where there is a fire, occupants of a home or building are at risk of suffering severe burns, smoke inhalation, and death. Such consequences can be extremely painful and tragic. As such, any defect, no matter how small or seemingly minor, can mean the difference between life and death.