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04/29/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/29/2019 06:06

Leonardo in Florence: when art meets technology to build an innovative future

In the amazing setting of the Oblate Library in downtown Florence, we welcomed schools, and full families in an area dedicated to Da Vinci in the 500th anniversary of his death (1519-2019). In the city of Florence, Leonardo da Vinci developed his interest in both art and innovation, bringing to life through his drawings ideas and intuitions that would find their way to reality centuries later. Here, we took inspiration from the Italian genius to involve the younger generation in activities related to optics, coding, the construction of Leonardo da Vinci machines. Our engineers really enjoyed hosting 500 children at our workshops for a hands-on engineering experience.

Alongside the workshops, more than a thousand people visited the amazing installation created in collaboration with Studio Azzurro and Treccani entitled 'Engineer Leonardo 500 - the imagination of flight'. Through an immersive visual and aural journey, people experienced how knowledge was developed, from the study of nature, to Leonardo's drawings, all the way to flying machines: our helicopters, planes, drones and satellites. The laboratories and the installation have allowed us to put into practice and share our STEAM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach, which focuses on scientific and humanistic disciplines, in order to work together on the skills of the future.

Passion, innovation, enthusiasm at the heart of 'Florence for Children': our know-how once again available to the coming generations.