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02/21/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/21/2020 15:58

Transportation (Planning) 2/21/2020 North Nashville Bikeway Progress Update


The following are some high points of North Nashville Bikeway Progress from the Project Manager:

Work accomplished February 17 through 21, 2020

  • Another challenging weather week.No striping work accomplished this week.
  • Concrete work on the curb ramps on Buchanan St at 14th Ave N, and Buchanan St at 11th Ave N/Arthur St. was completed.The concrete island on Buchanan at 14th has not been installed yet and for safety reasons, should have the double yellow lines installed prior to that installation as well as the concrete island on Garfield at Delta.
  • Breakaway sign bases were installed on Arthur yesterday and the posts and signs will be installed tomorrow.
  • Communications ongoing with Google regarding fiber relocation for concrete work at DB Todd & Underwood.

Two-Week look ahead:

  • Striping to continue on Buchanan St/Garfield St and on Ed Temple from Jefferson St to Buchanan as weather allows (minimum temperature of 50 degrees and dry conditions).
  • Once double yellow is complete on Buchanan and Garfield at the concrete island locations, the concrete work will begin.
  • When the concrete islands are completed, all ped poles will be installed.
  • PRI to submit submittal of Tuff Curb materials for review.
  • Continue Google communications for relocation at DB Todd & Underwood.

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