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Offer Power Outage Protection with Weather Guard

Part 3: Uninterrupted Profit-SolarEdge Energy Bank

In our third post in this series, we explore the peace-of-mind benefits that come with installing our SolarEdge Energy Hubinverter alongside our home battery, SolarEdge Energy Bank. Boost satisfaction, referrals - and profits - by delivering homeowners the confidence to live uninterrupted in a storm-related power outage with our new app feature, Weather Guard.

"Across the nation, severe weather fueled by climate change is pushing aging electrical systems past their limits... Last year, the average American home endured more than eight hours without power, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration - more than double the outage time five years ago." - The Washington Post

Turn on Customer Confidence with Weather Guard

Facing the growing possibility of a power outage, homeowners across the country, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii to California, are looking for more reliable ways to live uninterrupted and depend less on the grid. It's only a matter of time before your prospective customers join the search - if they haven't already.

"…the U.S. residential market for battery storage is on the upswing too, projected to surpass $1 billion next year as more homeowners pair storage with home solar installations." - Wall Street Journal

Give them a solution that offers peace-of-mind today, in advance of what may come tomorrow. By adding our new home battery, SolarEdge Energy Bank, to the SolarEdge Energy Hub platform, your residential customers will be able to access Weather Guard through the mySolarEdge app.

How It Works: With real-time connection to the National Weather Service, Weather Guard ensures that your customer's SolarEdge Energy Bank(s) will automatically attempt to fully charge to 100% capacity on solar and/or grid power, 48 hours in advance of any detected severe weather.

That means they will always be ready and can count on staying on longer during a storm-related power outage. Once the severe weather ends, your customer's system will automatically return to its previous Backup Reserve settings.

For example: If the system owner's Backup Reserve setting is at 30% when Weather Guard is activated, it will shift to 100%. When the severe weather event ends, it will return to 30%. Homeowners can also manually adjust their backup reserve setting giving them complete control and confidence.

Watch & Learn:

Check out our quick video on weathering a storm-related power outage with Weather Guard.

Are you ready to boost satisfaction, referrals and profits with an award-winning solar & battery solution that keeps homes on longer in a power outage? Click to learn more about SolarEdge Energy Bankand SolarEdge Energy Hub.

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