Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

07/15/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/15/2019 03:12

Ships of the Pacific Fleet fires Moskit cruise missiles in the Sea of Japan

15.07.2019 (06:54)

In the waters of the Sea of Japan during the tactical exercises of the Pacific Fleet groupings, ships of the Primorye flotilla of heterogeneous forces attacked a surface target imitating a mock enemy ship with the Moskit cruise missiles.

The launch of two cruise missiles with an interval of several seconds was made by the destroyer Bystry and the missile boat R-24. Both missiles at the estimated time hit the target - a large ship's shield, at a distance of more than 60 kilometers.

Together with the ships, practical training tasks were practiced by two MiG-31 high-altitude fighter jets and an A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft.