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Vaprio d'Adda, 6 November 2018 - Bomi Italia S.p.A. ("Bomi" or the "Company" or the "Issuer"), the parent company of the Bomi Group, a market leader in the biomedical logistics sector and the management of high technology healthcare products, which is listed on the multilateral trading system of AIM Italia / Alternative Capital Market organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. announces that received today the brand "Sustainable Logistics", during the ECOMONDO trade show in Rimini, concluding the validation process - the Sustainable Logistics Protocol - launched about one year ago. Bomi is the first logistics company in the Healthcare sector to earn the "Sustainable Logistics" brand.

Alongside Bomi Group was Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), a long-term customer and leader in the dialysis sector, a company that has always been committed to sustainability with technical and production solutions related to medical devices and their life cycle. FMC's participation in the event demonstrated that sustainable logistics is a team effort requiring the joint engagement and collaboration of all the stakeholders. In fact, during 2019 Bomi Group and Fresenius will transfer the principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability throughout the Healthcare Value Chain with the aim of bringing real perceived value to the final consumer of their products and services, the patient.

But let's take a step back. In September 2017 Bomi Group partnered with SOS-LOG, the first association for sustainable logistics, fully embracing the concept that Sustainability is not only a matter of reducing harmful emissions into the environment but also represents the "triple bottom line" of environmental, social and economic values and objectives. Within this paradigm Bomi Group rediscovered the essence of its corporate mission and therefore decided to adopt the Sustainable Logistics Protocol, aware that logistics executed in a sustainable manner is a key strategy to truly distinguish itself in its market.

The Protocol is a technical document that arises from the experience of the Lloyd's Register LRQA certification body in collaboration with SOS-LOG, and involved Bomi Group in a process lasting about 10 months. During the first phase the strategic maturity threshold was investigated based on stakeholder mapping and materiality analysis. In the second phase, operational audits were carried out at some branches of the group, where the level of commitment and responsibility of the company was verified with regard to some concrete sustainability challenges.

For example, an examination was carried out of the procedures for the reuse of pallets and packaging, the correct management of the collection and disposal of harmful substances, the actions aimed at the renewal of the vehicle fleet and the optimisation of the delivery routes to reduce CO2 emissions, the safe and rational driving courses planned for all drivers, the investment policy in sustainable infrastructures and the training plans for all employees.

With the awarding of the "Sustainable Logistics" brand, the validation process was concluded for Bomi Group, but, in reality, a more complex and challenging phase begins, as explained by Serena Sessa, Global Quality Manager and project leader: "I am happy and satisfied with the teamwork carried out with commitment and conviction by all departments. The protocol has told us where we are and helped us to lay the foundations of an organic sustainability development plan through which we will achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves". Adds Roberto Stocco, Operation & Sales Effectiveness Director of Fresenius Medical Care: "In harmony with Bomi, Fresenius does not see this important recognition as a point of arrival rewarding a virtuous effort to adapt business processes, but rather a starting point for developing together new initiatives and projects aimed at sustainability, reduction of the environmental impact and consumption of resources". Giorgio Ruini, President of Bomi Group, concludes: "I am proud of this project that has brought together internal stimuli and the signals received from the market to create something that is truly innovative and that we will develop as pioneers in our sector. I thank Fresenius for its sincere participation and for having shown, once again, confidence in our operations".


Bomi Italia S.p.A. is the Parent Company of Bomi Group, a world leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of high technology healthcare products. It was one of the first companies to receive the "Elite" certificate issued by Borsa Italiana.

Bomi Group's activities are concentrated in the integrated logistics sector and offer a wide range of logistics services in outsourcing to companies operating in the healthcare sector, managing distribution of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, in-vitro diagnostic equipment, reagents and implant products.

Bomi Group's portfolio of about 100 clients includes some of the world's top healthcare companies (such as the leading pharmaceutical companies and producers of healthcare devices) as well as small and medium sized companies operating at a global level in the biomedical, diagnostics and biotech industries. Bomi Group currently has about 1,325 employees and operates through subsidiary companies and associated companies in Europe, South America, China and the United States and its services are also provided, through strategic alliances with local partners.

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