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04/12/2019 | Press release | Archived content

From ‘Golden Hour’ To ‘Rainy Days’: Daniel Tashian Releases Children’s Album Title Track

NASHVILLE, TN - Daniel Tashian releases his new children's song 'I Love Rainy Days' today - the same week the Academy of Country Music honored the versatile artist, writer, and producer for his work on Kacey Musgraves' 'Golden Hour.'

The playfully high-spirited number is the title track from Tashian's first children's album, 'I Love Rainy Days,' out May 3rd on Big Yellow Dog Music, where Tashian has been a songwriter and recording artist since 2009. The track features Tashian's three young daughters - Tigerlily, Matilda, and Tinkerbell.

Listen to Tashian's new song here:

Emmy Award-winning music supervisor, Sue Jacobs, known for her work on Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects, Silver Linings Playbook, & American Hustle, among others says, 'I want 'The Letters' to come to my house too!!! Can they stop over and party with me and we'll spin records and go swimming and go for hikes. Daniel is so extremely talented.'

In addition to writing and producing all the music on 'I Love Rainy Days,' Tashian painted pieces for all album and single art associated with the release. Pre-order the album today:

Tashian co-produced Musgraves' 'Golden Hour' with Ian Fitchuk and Kacey Musgraves, and co-wrote seven songs on the album, named Album of the Year by the GRAMMYs, the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. A diverse songwriter and producer who has a knack for helping artists develop their sound, Tashian also is the lead singer of The Silver Seas, which has released several critically acclaimed albums in the US and UK, and also co-produced the new Lily & Madeleine album 'Canterbury Girls' with Ian Fitchuk.

'Is there no end to this splendid fellow's talents?' says respected author and music historian Robert K. Oermann. 'For years, I have loved the music that Daniel Tashian makes. And now this. As always, the songs are great. And so is he.'