Central Bank of Kuwait

03/28/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/28/2021 02:22

CBK Advises the Public on the Proper Handling of Banknotes

28.03.21Press Statement

CBK Advises the Public on the Proper Handling of Banknotes

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) stressed users must avoid damaging all denominations of the Kuwaiti Dinar banknote. The Dinar banknote is an important national symbol of the State of Kuwait that reflects its identity, history and legacy. Respectful handling of the bill is therefore tied to respecting this national symbol.

A CBK statement on this issue reiterated that writing, stapling, shredding or tearing, burning and applying adhesives are the most common forms of abuse of banknotes in general. Using banknotes as a decorative element, or manipulating and folding it is also considered inappropriate usage, the Bank pointed out.

Any damage to the banknote leads to ending its circulation cycle prematurely, and new banknotes have to be printed and put into circulation instead. Such abuse and damage also causes ATMs to fail to accept deposit of the bills.

Members of the public are, therefore, urged to handle banknotes with due care and awareness and avoid any damaging acts. The Kuwaiti banknote is a sovereign symbol of Kuwait, and as thus must be handled with due respect and regard, the statement reiterated.