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11/01/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/01/2018 03:13

Taichung Flora Expo touring tips Building up the fun places for the parents, children and fur kids

2018 Taichung World Flora Expo will be launched in Houli Park, Fengyuang Park and Waipu Park together with 36 Park and famous sightseeing spots in central Taiwan integrated Flora Expo touring routes. For example, many designed space for parents and children to play together are constructed in the Parks, including treehouse in Houli Forest Park, interact and photo with miniature horses at Horse Ranch Park, great Taichung circulated Yamanote line train, 4 facilities for the interactions between the parents and children at Fengyuang Huludun Park etc.. Besides, the outdoor spaces around all the Flora Expo Parks may allow the pet owners to have the fur kids with them to take shuttle buses based on the rule of「enter the Parks but not Pavilions」to enjoy the time in the Parks. The most recommended place is the「Inner square of Leo Farm」in Waipu Park where the pet owners may unleash the fur kids to run around the square and enjoy the beauty of Flora Expo.

The officer of Tourism Bureau said, the City Government has planned 36 Flora Expo suggested routes, including 33 for group tour or self-guided tour and 3 for the trip in depth around the communities. The sightseeing spots including Waipu Park, Houli Park and Fengyuang Park in addition to the other scenery area in Taichung and the cities or counties of central Taiwan. The visitors are recommended to plan more different types of trips for the parents and children.

Besides, these 3 major Parks include many space for the parents and children to have fun together, including the treehouse and platform in the Houli Forest Park where the people may enjoy to see the beautiful landscapes in the international gardening exhibition area, also, there is a playground with sand pit, crawling net, wood tunnel, balance beam and swing chairs etc. Some wooden chairs are set around the playground to allow the parents to take a test and take care of their children.

The「Discovery hall」in the Forest Park is built with green material of recycled bricks to fuse with the old trees. In the Pavilion, people may simulate to experience the Dajia river ecological tour from the estuary with 0 altitude to the top of Snow mountain with 3,886 meters of altitude, learn the pictures of the habitats for Leopard cats at mountain are, swim with the precious national treasure fish, Formosan landlocked salmon, in the Cijiawan river. It will make you feel like the real experiences and visit on site in person so it's meaningful for the children through such an educational tour.

In addition, there are equestrian and special trick show, horse feeding experiences, 8 stations of photo with miniature horses and the first stable with「equestrian training for the parents and children」arranged in the Horse Ranch Park; transportation by great Taichung circulated Yamanote line train and carousel will issue the tickets for child, the child shorter than 120 cm of height will be able to enjoy the price at NT$80 every time and the adult ticket is NT$ 100 so both adults and children may have a lot of fun there.

In Houli Horse Ranch Park, there are twice a day of indicated big show at「Fragrant dancing flower hill」regularly performed every day. One middle scale of performance is to be conducted at「Darwin green land」. At the wooden stages aside of the north wing of the Ranch, the convenience store and the equestrian arena in the Horse Ranch, there are the street artists to perform to let the parents and children enjoy together.

Smart Agriculture Pavilion in Waipu Park has more than 1,000 species of precious plants exhibited to build up a featured「Plant ark」; the fifth exhibition are in Fengyuang Huludun Park is applying 5 concepts of waterborne, islets, transformation, symbiosis and solar terms etc. to plan 4 interesting interactive landscape facilities for the parents and children. It's just like a big land palette for the parents and children to have fun.

In order to let the pet owners bring their fur kid to visit Taichung Flora Expo, the officer of Agriculture Bureau mentioned, the City Government will base on the rule of allowing the fur kids to「enter the Parks but not Pavilions」to open the outdoor space of the Flora Expo Parks to let the people to have fun with the pets in the Parks. The most recommended place is the「Inner square of Leo Farm」in Waipu Park; the scarecrow of Leo with one 5 meters of height is standing on the leaf vein-like transparent cemented square to greet the tourists and the fur kid can run there happily as well.

However, the officer of Agriculture Bureau would like to remind everyone to have the pets in the bags or boxes with them when they are taking shuttle buses. The pet bags or boxes should keep the size under 27,000 cm3 and the dogs or cats can be allowed to move around all the Flora Expo Parks, except the Pavilions and no pet keeping service available. The pet owners should use leash, transportation box, pet bag (pack), stroller, hand carry or any other secured measure to ensure they're under control. Please do help to clean immediately clean the eliminations of the pets and never leave the pets staying in the Parks alone.

Besides, Taichung has recruited more than 80 shops to be verified with pet friendly space certification for building up a friendly space for the pets. In the neighborhood area of the Flora Expo Parks, many pet friendly restaurants are available and some department stores or Bed and Breakfast business will welcome the guests with their fur kids to enjoy the tour in the Flora Expo. They are expected to accumulate more precious memories together with their fur kids in Taichung. More pet friendly space list in Taichung is available, please check the website ( or Facebook to search for「Have fun with pets in Taichung」.