Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

06/30/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/30/2021 07:05

Long-range bombers Tu-22M3 flew from the Baikal region to the Amur region for joint operations with the Pacific Fleet

30.06.2021 (10:40)

The crews of long-range supersonic Tu-22M3 bombers for joint operations with the Pacific Fleet performed a flight from a permanent base airfield in the Baikal region to an operational airfield in the Amur region.

During the training flight, tactical launches of aircraft cruise missiles, bombing, aerial reconnaissance with aerial photography of the naval base and administrative and industrial facilities, as well as anti-fighter maneuvers with tactical shooting at air targets were worked out.

Young pilots under the guidance of an experienced instructor staff received a test of practical skills in piloting techniques, air navigation and combat use of the aviation complex.

During the flight, long-distance communication channels with ground control centers of the Central and Eastern military districts were checked with an overall rating of excellent.

The event involved about 80 personnel of the aviation regiment, three long-range aviation aircraft and more than 10 units of military and special equipment.