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09/23/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/23/2019 14:14

UN Office of Counter-Terrorism and OSCE Secretariat to step up their co-operation in strengthening international efforts to prevent and counter terrorism

OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger and UN Under-Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office (UNOCT) Vladimir Voronkov signed a Biennial Action Plan for 2019-2021 in New York on 23 September 2019 to strengthen their co-operation in addressing key challenges and supporting international efforts related to preventing and countering terrorism.

In line with their priorities and mandates, the UNOCT and the OSCE Secretariat agreed to work together on providing relevant technical assistance through projects and activities with a particular focus on the countries of Central Asia and South-Eastern Europe. They also agreed to co-operate in assisting the national authorities, upon the request of a state.

The assistance will focus on preventing violent extremism, countering the financing of terrorism, border security and management, Countering Terrorist Travel and enhancing the use of Advance Passenger Information (API)/Passenger Name Record (PNR), countering the use of the internet for terrorist purposes, and enhancing the protection of critical infrastructure.

'Reinforcing our collaboration by launching and implementing joint activities will benefit our stakeholders,' said Greminger.

'The Action Plan will galvanise UNOCT-OSCE cooperation into a practical action-oriented stage,' said Voronkov.

The UNOCT and the OSCE Secretariat also agreed to ensure co-ordination in conducting joint projects to support the balanced implementation of the four pillars of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions, as well OSCE principles and commitments.

The Biennial Action Plan was developed following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations in October 2018.