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04/18/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/21/2017 01:31

Gas Natural Fenosa launches a new corporate campaign reflecting its efforts to get closer to its customers

  • 'We Speak your Language' is the name of the advertising campaign being launched today by the energy company in response to growing demand for clarity and simplicity in messaging related to energy services and costs.
  • The advertising campaign explains some of the work and actions of GAS NATURAL FENOSA to help channel service requests, reflecting its desire for its communications with customers to be as simple and understandable as possible.
  • It is important for GAS NATURAL FENOSA to fulfil its commitments to transparency, good service, savings, adapting to customer needs, and the personal touch, which are attributes of the historic energy brand.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA is launching a new corporate advertising campaign today that uses specific examples to reflect its progress in managing and explaining the issues affecting the energy sector and the service it provides its customers, in the clearest, simplest, and most understandable way possible.

'We speak your language' is the claimof the fresh new campaign that uses simple language to respond to users of energy services, who increasingly demand simplicity and clarity in energy-related communications and administrative tasks.

Fifty percent of Spaniards state that they do not understand the vocabulary of energy companies, according to the Panel de Hogares report from the National Securities Commission (May 2016). That is why GAS NATURAL FENOSA wants to help correct this problem, which in many cases creates an impenetrable barrier between companies and their main audience: customers.

Contracted power, kilowatt-hours, electricity tax, and the Universal Supply Point Code are complicated concepts for most people to understand. So GAS NATURAL FENOSA has been making major efforts to distinguish itself as a pioneer in pursuit of simplicity in its customer relations.

With this campaign GAS NATURAL FENOSA seeks to use specific examples to communicate the efforts it is making to put customers at the centre of all its decisions, speaking their language and revealing its more sensitive and human side to them.

Socially-engaged energy company with a personal touch

GAS NATURAL FENOSA Director of Communications and Institutional Relations Jordi Garcia Tabernero explains that this campaign 'has been developed around the external elements that help us improve our reputation, fostering our vocation for customer service and demonstrating a sensitivity to society at large.' Specifically, the campaign focuses on brand attributes like compliance, transparency, good service, adapting to customer needs, humanity and a personal touch.

'We want to be perceived as a company that meets its commitments to its employees, customers, shareholders and investors. Ultimately, to be a socially-engaged energy company with a personal touch,' Jordi Garcia Tabernero adds.

Special emphasis on actions for vulnerable populations

The company is especially sensitive to vulnerable populations, which is why it will use some of the advertising pieces to publicise and recall the services it offers to these customers.

In January GAS NATURAL FENOSA launched an operational and social vulnerability plan aimed at facilitating the channelling of administrative task for families that may have difficulties paying their energy bills. The phone line for vulnerable customers, the creation of a vulnerability unit to improve communication with social services, and education on issues of energy efficiency and other topics of interest for third-sector professionals are some of the actions included in the new plan as explained by the campaign.

In addition to the usual contact channels, the company's digital spaces will include all the information related to the campaign and GAS NATURAL FENOSA initiatives.

'We Speak your Language' will be aired on television, radio and digital media and will be reinforced by reputable media personalities and experts to convey its message with empathy.

The campaign is already under way and will run for a total of seven weeks, though it will also be continued with content throughout the year on in-house and external media with Branded Contentactivities.

In the first week of the campaign it is expected to reach nearly 90% of the population, thanks to a front-loadingstrategy that will boost its visibility and qualitative presence in all media. Segmentation to reach the audiences most interested in each service is another innovation of the campaign's media plan.

Barcelona, 18 April 2017.