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07/16/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/15/2021 19:35

Multiple Technological Innovations- ZPMC Creates High-performance Automatic RMGs

Recently, ZPMC has designed and manufactured five automatic rail-mounted gantry cranes (RTGs) for DPW-Vancouver-Rail.

The project is a brand-new model specially developed by ZPMC on the basis of the previous RTGs for the working conditions of railway automation control. The crane is a single cantilever rail crane with an overhanging distance of 5.5m, a lifting capacity of 41t and a lifting height of 12.4m. It can be controlled remotely in the central control room or in the local cab. For each mechanism, the one for use and one for standby drive switching mode is used, which can ensure that the equipment can continue to work in case of failure, and convenient operation. In addition, the crane is also equipped with multiple subsystems to further improve the efficiency of automation, as well as the safety protection in the yard.

A new 8-rope winding form is adopted for the crane, which can greatly reduce the overall weight of the trolley; for the trolley, a new rotary structure is adopted, which improves the rotary positioning accuracy of the trolley and optimizes the stability of automatic operation; and for cart, the world's first dark rail horizontal wheel and folded crane rescue push-pull device are equipped, which has reference value for similar layout of the wharf. The design scheme provides a new choice for the users of automatic railway rail crane who need the trolley to rotate.

The project is the Company's first automated rail crane project to enter the Canadian market. In the bidding stage, users have highly recognized the Company's technical solutions. The successful delivery of the project is of great significance for the Company to further expand the Canadian automated rail crane market.