Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon

01/07/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/07/2021 04:07

President Aoun met the Maronite Patriarch, at Bkerke.

President Aoun: 'We came to congratulate the Patriarch, because circumstances prevented us from congratulating him on Christmas. We discussed general conditions, which are still muffled. God willing, the meeting will be fruitful'.

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, arrived at the Patriarchal Edifice, at Bkerke today at 9:00am, where he was received at the external entrance by Patriarchal Attorney General, Bishop Hanna Alwan, Bishop Antoine Awkar, Peter Khoury, Samir Mazloum, Paul Sayah, Tanios Khoury and Bkerke's Protocol and Public Relations-Director, Lawyer Walid Ghayyad.

Patriarch Rahi met President Aoun at the internal entrance and accompanied him to the Grand Salon, where the President congratulated the Patriarch, hoping that Lebanon will be in better conditions next year. Discussions also addressed the measures taken to combat Corona virus, with the start of today's lockdown, until the 1st of February.

President & Patriarch Retreat:

Then, a meeting was held in the Patriarchal Wing, between the President and Patriarch, which lasted 45 minutes. Afterwards, the President spoke to journalists, saying:

'We came today to congratulate the Patriarch, since circumstances prevented us from being here on Christmas. We discussed general conditions which are still muffled, since everything that happens with us is not reported in the media, because unfortunately everyone writes in the media as they please. God willing the meeting will be fruitful'.

Questions & Answers:

Question: 'Was it possible that this meeting could have gathered you with Prime Minister Hariri, provided that is was a meeting of openness and agreement on a Government without quotas'.

Answer:'This is a possibility'.

At the end, the Patriarch accompanied President Aoun to the outer Patriarchate entrance, and bid him farewell.