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McMillan Shakespeare and Exclips merger presentation

McMillan Shakespeare Limited

McMillan Shakespeare and Eclipx merger

8 November 2018


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McMillan Shakespeare Limited ("MMS", ASX: MMS) to merge with Eclipx Group Limited ("Eclipx", ASX: ECX) via Eclipx scheme of arrangement

Scrip and cash: 0.1414 MMS shares and $0.46 cash offered for each Eclipx share held, implying a total value of $2.85 per Eclipx share based on MMS' last closing price of $16.90 on Wednesday, 7 November 2018

The consideration represents a 33.2% premium to Eclipx's undisturbed price of $2.14 on Friday, 17 August 20181

Creates a leading Australian and New Zealand salary packaging and fleet management company

Approximately $50 million in EBITDA run-rate synergies per annum expected to be fully realised within three years following full integration

Expected to be EPS accretive pre synergiesThree Eclipx directors to join the MMS Board

Mike Salisbury and Mark Blackburn to continue as CEO and CFO respectively

Senior management of both MMS and Eclipx to participate as Executives of the Combined Group

The scheme is expected to be implemented in Q1 2019

The merger is unanimously recommended by the Board of Eclipx, in the absence of a superior proposal and subject to an independent expert concluding that the merger is in the best interests of the Eclipx shareholders

1. Last trading day prior to SG Fleet's unsolicited, non-binding and indicative proposal to acquire all shares in Eclipx for $2.52

Merger of two complementary businesses

Combining the best-in-breed of both organisations including Eclipx's operating lease business and MMS' salary packaging and novated business

Provides existing and new customers additional value through enhanced products and services Strengthens combined geographies across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Significant synergies

Approximately $50 million in EBITDA run-rate synergies per annum expected to be fully realised within three years following full integration

Greater scale and stronger balance sheet position

Additional growth opportunities in the merging business units of MMS and Eclipx arising from access to the enlarged customer base

Increased liquidity and access to capital

Conservatively geared with an estimated Net Debt / EBITDA of 0.9x1

Shareholder value

Anticipated to generate shareholder value and be earnings accretive in the first full year following completion

Scrip consideration enables all shareholders to maintain investment in the Combined Group and benefit from the synergies


1 Net debt / EBITDA calculated on corporate net debt

McMillan Shakespeare and Eclipx merger

Creates a leading Australian and New Zealand salary packaging and fleet management company

Novated lease landscape in ANZ (units)



Smart Group

SG Fleet


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Fleet management landscape in ANZ (units)

125,751 104,001


Toyota Fleet Management

CustomLeasePlanSG Fleet


FleetCareSmart Group

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