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06/05/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/05/2019 09:20

How AI is helping elephants, orcas and other species

Elephantsused to wander freely across Asia. Today, they roam through a fractionof the land they used to. As the human population grows, Asian elephanthabitat continuesto shrink. In Africa, the story isn't much brighter: In addition todwindling habitat, the African elephant contendswith an illegal ivory trade that kills more than 20,000 elephants a year. Conservationists and researchers are doing all they can. But with fewer than 500,000 elephants left worldwide,time is running out.

That's where programs like AI forEarth come in.

AI for Earth grants are awarded toprojects that change the way people and organizations monitor,model and,ultimately,manage Earth's natural systems.

More than 300grants have been givento projects in 60 countries. That's good news for elephants - and other animals, too. See how researchers, conservationists and scientists are using Microsoft's cloud and AI tools to understand diverse species and safeguard vulnerable animals.


Organizations like Conservation Metrics(with the Elephant Listening Project) useAI-enabled tools to help ensure a better future for the elephants. To monitor and predict poaching threats, Conservation Metrics and the Elephant Listening Project use acoustic surveys, andSave the Elephants relies on GPS tracking collars.

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