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09/16/2021 | News release | Archived content

Transforming Federal Cybersecurity

Today, the core missions of federal .gov agencies are in danger. Across the digital battlefields of cyberspace, threat actors have the upper hand and are pummeling not only the .gov environment, but also the national infrastructure, industry, and individuals those agencies serve. From nation-state actors to cybercrime groups, attacks are growing increasingly frequent and more severe. These gaps are only widening-driven by technology advances and digitization such as 5G, internet-of-things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI)-as the threat environment relentlessly advances at net speed.

What does good cybersecurity for the .Gov environment look like? What aspects does it cover and include? How can CISA and .Gov agencies turn those answers into tangible actions and visible results for federal cybersecurity? Effectively addressing these questions requires solutioning around whole-of-environment cybersecurity versus a focus on siloed cybersecurity challenges or individual .gov agencies. Leveraging industry, governmental, and international best practices-alongside lessons learned from the shortcomings of current federal cybersecurity efforts-provides a firm foundation for this new construct.

This publication details key steps in building cybersecurity frameworks for federal organizations, as well as an attainable roadmap for applying that framework to achieve a secure and resilient .gov ecosystem.