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07/16/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/16/2020 03:07

PGS Expands GeoStreamer Coverage in Deepwater Cote d’Ivoire

Recent 3D GeoStreamer acquisition over blocks CI-526/707/708 has been combined with reprocessed GeoStreamer data acquired in 2015 over CI-602/603, to target the deepwater area offshore Cote d'Ivoire.

Upper Cretaceous aged turbidite channel and fan complexes provide the primary target in the deepwater Cote d'Ivoire Basin. Extensive 3D GeoStreamer coverage provides an unprecedented view on the distribution and detail of depositional systems held in stratigraphic pinch-out traps.

Broadband acquisition paired with the latest processing workflows provides over 12 000 sq. km of enhanced imaging in this underexplored area. The increased high and low-frequency content provides clearer imaging of subtle depositional features.

Dip line from the PSTM CDI Deepwater 2018 data highlighting Upper Cretaceous targets and well imaged syn- and pre-rift structure.

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