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Minister Kodheli at the inauguration of the Employment Service Office and at the Social Welfare Pact signed in Bulqiza

Published: Tuesday, 21 February 2017 19:01

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Defense Minister Mrs. Mimi Kodheli and the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth Mr. Blendi Klosi assisted the ceremony organized on the occasion of finalization the investments for the new Employment Service Officein Bulqiza.

The two ministers accompanied by representatives of local authorities, visited the new facilities of this office and were informed about the requests of employers and jobseekers. At the same time, Minister Kodheli introduced to the young people present the employment opportunities that Albanian Armed Forces offer them and invited them to become privates/seamen in AAF.

Minister Kodheli was also present at the Professional Education and Training Center, where she attended the event of the Social Welfare Pact signed between the Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare and Bulqizë, Mat, Klos and Peshkopi Municipalities part of Dibra District.

Minister Kodheli assured, all those interested in the service offered by this center, for the constant attention of the government and for her personal commitment to support those who aim to dedicate themselves to a certain profession. 'We are cooperating with Ministry of Economy, with Minister Klosi and with a Kuwaiti Charity Entity, and very soon, possibly within this month, we will ensure some sewing machines, which will be offered to whom have achieved the best scores at the end of the course. This is one of the promises I have made and I will keep it to the letter' - stated Minister Kodheli.

Minister Kodheli considers the signing of the Social Welfare Pact as another indicator which shows that the Albanian Government gives special attention to this district. 'We are here to express our support, seriousness of our work, and nourish the expectations to you and to everyone that they can live here with integrity and honest work, for a better future for ourselves and our children. I am really grateful to Mr. Klosi for what he has done so far. There is no doubt that the greatest thanks go to the Government for everything done, which is very little compared to what is going to be done, beginning with 'Arbri' Highway that is going to be a great facilitation for this district and for other investments which I really hope you will welcome and we believe to successfully fulfil during our second mandate' - said Minister Kodheli.

Minister Klosi, on the other hand, highlighted the impact the signing of Social Welfare Pact will have on the prosperity of the strata of population in need in this district. 'Today, I feel honored to be here together with Minister Kodheli and Professor Cani and to share this concern with the four Mayors of the District, clearly understanding that the debate to further fight against poverty, the debate about more opportunities to get rid of poverty, is a debate that unites us. It is a joint effort, which cannot be realized without the full and sincere cooperation between central and local authorities, between business community, which is an integral part of this endeavor, and civil society, who give their daily contribution to offer more services to the citizens.'- He said.

The core of Social Welfare Pact is the transferring of competences for services from central government to local government.

350 persons part of families that receive economic assistance are employed through the intermediation of Employment Service Offices.