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international travel tips and tricks international travel tips and tricks

Bags are packed, tickets are booked, rides have been arranged. You're going on the trip of a lifetime, so we're here to make sure you don't pull an amateur adventurer mistake.

First of all, make sure your batteries are charged up if you have the HERO7 Black. And if you don't have the newest flagship, find a friend who does or check out the Trade-Up Program that can help you grab a brand-new GoPro at a discount.

Second, be prepared to 'do it for the 'gram.' These days, getting the shot is just as important as having a bed to sleep while on the road.

Here's a few ProTips to get the best travel content.

Nail Selfie-scapes

There is an art to posing perfectly with a landmark or picturesque landscape. And the key is to maximize the quality of footage you capture in the often-fleeting moment you have with an iconic sight, especially when it comes to public art (you'd think there was a women's restroom hidden behind the line at some street art murals these days).

ProTip: Mount your GoPro to a compactible mount, like the Shorty. When your time comes, frame the shot, set the GoPro to Time Lapse Photo at 0.5 second intervals, strike a few poses, and you'll have an array of photos to choose from.

Land the Perfect Group Shot

Whether it's with new friends or old, getting a group to settle for a posed shot can be nearly impossible. For this, you have a few ProTips:

  1. Use the new Photo Timer in Photo Mode on HERO7 Black. You can set it to snap the shot at 3- or 10-seconds. This way you can frame-up the shot and find your place in the squad before the red light blinks.
  2. Use your smartphone as a remote with the GoPro App. Once connected, you can control your GoPro from device and use the screen to preview what's in the frame.
  3. Embrace the candid moment and shout 'GoPro Start Recording' to start a video of whatever antics ensure. Later, use the GoPro App to pull a still frame for the video. The higher your resolution, the better the photo will be, so we recommend setting to 2.7K or 4K for this option.

Mount-Up Accordingly

When travelling with mounts, there is a fine art to cross-referencing what you need versus what mounts boast packability-i.e. are the perfect size and weight.

ProTip: If we were to pick the top-four mounts to travel with, it'd be Shorty, Bite Mount + Floaty, Sleeve + Lanyard and The Strap. These versatile options will take you from hikes to underwater plunges, steady your footage across cityscapes and walks, and best of all, pack down tiny and still keep your GoPro within reach.

Embrace the Auto-Edit

There is nothing better than relaxing and reminiscing after a particularly lively day of travel. Whether it was spent traversing a city, summiting a peak or indulging foodie-fueled afternoon, the QuikStories feature-via the GoPro app -provides a video edit of your day will be ready to relive and share before you've even had a chance to kick your feet up.

ProTip: Download the GoPro App on your smartphone or tablet and enable the 'auto download' feature to have a QuikStory created while you're still on the go. If you love it, share it to social or direct-to-friend right away. Or if you want creative freedom, pop it open in the Quik App to adjust themes, music, highlight moments, playback speeds and more until it's perfect.

If you're stoked on these tips, be sure to submit to the #TripOn GoPro Awards Challenge that runs throughout Summer 2019.