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06/09/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/09/2021 05:53

Salesforce’s New AI Agent Identifies Business Connections to Build Relationships for Salespeople

Quick Take:

Today, Salesforce introduced Einstein Relationship Insights, a new AI-powered research agent that autonomously explores the internet and internal data sources to discover relationships between customers, prospects and companies to help sales reps close deals faster. Einstein Relationship Insights acts as a virtual agent for salespeople in all industries, scanning news articles, social media, collaboration apps, email and other online sources to uncover and deliver account and contact information.

Why it matters:

Einstein Relationship Insights is an important example of how AI can work with - not in place of - salespeople to help them close more deals and increase revenue. AI-powered tools are increasingly essential for over-burdened reps - without AI, sales reps are left to manually research critical relationships and networks around key decision-makers that lead to a connection.

  • For sales, AI increases leads and appointments by more than 50%, while at the same time reducing costs by up to 60%, with AI creating more value for sales reps by freeing up their time to spend more time on closing deals. (Source)
  • Nearly 50% of sales reps surveyed in ourState of Sales Report said there has been a major improvement of utilizing rep's time as a result of using artificial intelligence.
Einstein Relationship Insights at work: ERI scans news articles to identify and highlight key people and companies. This provides salespeople with real-time relationship insights and a map of relevant connections, directly on the page.

Explore further:

Einstein Relationship Insights is a desktop plug-in that works alongside the sales rep by animating key information from each data source. It also offers a single-click CRM update capability to directly import information from various data sources.

For example, Einstein Relationship Insights can highlight relevant personnel or companies in the data source (such as a news article), and then shows the sales rep all relevant connections directly within that data source. Because it's integrated with Salesforce, sales reps can update their CRM with a single click to enrich account and contact records.

Combined with CRM data, sales reps are empowered to engage in more relevant and strategic conversations with their customers to accelerate sales and generate new business opportunities. With AI, Einstein Relationship Insights is designed to save individual sales reps more than a dozen hours every week on manual prospecting and meeting prep.

For example, financial advisors can reduce, if not eliminate, cold calling prospective clients as they can leverage warm lead introductions found through the relationship insights Einstein has generated. Medical tech reps can use relationship networks to connect with key healthcare provider decision makers, and pharmaceutical reps to connect with physicians and clinicians that have mutual connections.

What they're saying:

'Salespeople should be able to focus on the areas that matter most, like high-touch online or in-person customer interactions, and leverage technology as an assistant to handle the mundane task of finding relevant insights,' said Jason Briggs, Senior Director of Product Management, Einstein Relationship Insights. 'ERI can do this at a pace and scale that is impossible for any human to do. This is a glimpse into the future of how humans will successfully work in tandem with AI.'

Einstein Relationship Insights pulls updates from data sources like email and collaboration apps, and displays real-time updates directly within the Salesforce workflow

By the numbers

  • 57% of high performing sales organizations are using technology like AI to improve internal processes and customer experiences (State of Sales Report)
  • 52% of reps said there has been a major improvement on understanding customer needs and 45% of reps said there has been a major improvement of utilizing rep's time as a result of using artificial intelligence (State of Sales Report)
  • 52% of sales professionals say their companies use AI to prioritize leads and opportunities (Trends in Workflow Automation Report)

Einstein Relationships Insights will be generally available in June 2021. Learn more at today's Industry Summit, visit the Einstein Relationship Insights product page and read about today's additional industry announcements here. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered