Taichung City Government

11/15/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/14/2018 22:50

The First Lady of Palau visits Taichung Flora Expo Communications and relationship between Taiwan and Palau has been enhanced

Taichung Flora Expo is not only the important event of Taiwan but also the festival of the world. Our diplomatic country, President Remengesau, Republic of Palau, and his wife have led a group to visit Taiwan for state visit. Today(12th), the First Lady, Mrs Debbie Mineich Remengesau has visited Flora Expo during the period they staying in Taiwan. They were received by Taichung Deputy Mayor Guang-yiao Chang to visit the Palau exhibition booth for world garden competition held at Blossom pavilion in Houli Park. Also, she visited the 「Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Joint Garden」located in the world garden in the forest expo site. She recognized and was impressed by the comprehensive and diverse plans and exhibitions. Deputy Mayor Chang said, it's our great honor to have the First Lady of Palau, Mrs Debbie Mineich Remengesau to visit Flora Expo. Palau has participated in both of the exhibitions held in Flora Expo Houli horse ranch and forest expo site. They are very happy to see the landscapes they're familiar with and we're happy to welcome their visits as well.

The First Lady of Palau, Mrs Debbie Mineich Remengesau was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Guang-yiao Chang , Deputy Secretary of the City Government Kun-ming Kuo, Ambassador of Republic of Palau in Taiwan, Dilmei L. Olkeriil, Ambassador of Republic of China in Palau, Wallace M.G. Chou 's wife, Yao-shen Dai and Minister Hua-rong Wang, Department of Protocol, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to visit the Palau exhibition booth for world garden competition held at the Blossom pavilion in Houli horse ranch, the mega art device《Listening to the sound of blossom》and the「Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Joint Garden」located in the world garden in Houli forest expo site.

The officer of the City Government mentioned, Taiwan and Palau have signed the Joint Communique on 29th December, 1999 and lasted near 20 years of diplomatic relationships. These two countries have a lot of collaborations on economics, trade, education, science, agriculture and medicine etc. to exchange experiences and resources. This time, Palau joins in us to conduct the exhibitions in Taichung Flora Expo to enhance the relationship between two countries and allow Taichung to enhance the connection and relationship with the international industrial culture.

There are 33 exhibition booths in the Flora Expo Houli forest expo site this time. 「Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Joint Garden」, proposed by Palau embassy, is built under the collaborations with Solomon Islands and Marshall Islands, two other countries with diplomatic relationship. Through the combination of white beach, water scenery and tropical plants, the special geographic and ecological environment of our Asia-Pacific diplomatic countries are presented. Also, a culture featured cottage is built to introduce the cultural artworks and products of these pacific islands. It's expected to enhance the diplomatic relationship with each other through this kind of exhibition activities and international communications.

The officer of the City Government mentioned, the world garden competition held in Flora Expo Houli forest expo site has invited 33 exhibition booths from 27 countries and International Association of Horticultural Producers(AIPH)to show the international featured horticultural designs and gardens combined with the characteristics of forest and applications of water resources in each 300 square meters of booth space.

As to the world horticultural competition in the Blossom pavilion has 36 participants from 18 countries, they're either the teams from international flower organizations or the horticultural good hands to show their capabilities through the featured flowers of their countries to design and exhibit their ideas. Meanwhile, there are many domestic groups to attend the competition. All the participants have presented their flower arts and gardening skills to show the cultural features and concerns about the environmental ecology through flowers. These ideas are echoing to the spirit of Taichung Flora Expo GNP- Green, Nature and People to conserve the natural ecosystem and contribute to the sustainability of the earth.