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05/10/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/11/2021 03:36

MotoGP riders on the brakes for one third of the French GP

One third of the race on the brakes ​

For each lap on the Le Mans circuit, the riders use the brakes 9 times for a total of 31 seconds, which is no small thing when you consider that this is the third shortest track on the 2021 calendar. The braking system is in operation for 34 percent of the race, a percentage that is also reached in Jerez, Valencia and Misano Adriatico.

On 8 of the 9 braking sections, the riders are subjected to deceleration of at least 1 G. On 5 of them, the value is no less than 1.2 Gs. There are 3 corners, on the other hand, where the braking system exceeds 10 bars (145 psi). Last, but not least, the total load on the brake lever that each rider applies from start to finish is extremely high: 975 kg (2,149.5 lbs). ​