Warren Davidson

02/09/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 02/09/2018 16:15

Budget Spends Too Much Money

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-08) released the following statement concerning his 'no' vote on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 which passed the House and was signed by the President. This bill increases government spending by 13 percent.

'More borrowing and a one to one debt to GDP ratio is an ominous sign for America's economy, and works to undermine the positive effects of tax reform. The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 is about discretionary spending to the tune of a quarter trillion dollars that we don't have. Removing the 2011 budget caps and agreeing to increase the debt ceiling blurs the meaning of fiscal discipline. Deficits DO matter. We are bankrupting our country.'

'In prior extension bills, Democrats in Congress chose to kick the can down the road on spending and hold urgent funding needs for our military hostage. It is unfortunate that Republicans in Congress felt the need to concede and choose between adequately funding our military and bankrupting our country.'

'This bill undermined a key component of tax reform: fairness and simplicity. It contains extensions of dozens of special interest provisions that have no place in a fair and simple tax code, while failing to deal with one legitimate issue that demands a commonsense solution regarding an uneven treatment in the tax code when farmers sell their harvest to co-ops. This is unacceptable.'

'The fact is we have more good causes than we have money, and we need to make hard choices. This bill doesn't do that. Congress must do better for Ohio families and American companies. It's not compassionate to bankrupt America.'