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Advice from a Standard Bank Intern

Standard Bank internships offer opportunities to grow students' careers and education. Plus, most are PAID internships! Marshall was an intern from Saint Vincent College at Standard Bank, and he is now a full-time associate. We asked Marshall to share his story to help others make decisions as they consider Standard Bank for their internship. If you or a student you know would like to apply for an internship or day of shadowing, please email our human resources department at [email protected]

'Choosing to do my internship with Standard Bank was a great decision for multiple reasons, but mainly because it helped shape the future of my career. Not through the traditional daily work experience, but by allowing me to experience different careers and positions that a bank has to offer. Interning with a community bank offers a more intimate and holistic experience that you just can't get with an internship at a large corporation.

My initial internship was in a local office as a teller. I then moved into the finance department; however my education wasn't limited to these two departments. On top of learning from my day-to-day position, I also had the flexibility to learn about bank processes and career paths giving me more options to branch out my own career. For example, I learned the entire commercial lending process, which led way to my current full-time position as a credit analyst.

When I compare my experience to friends who had internships at bigger companies, I saw my experience as being more diverse and educational as I got to learn processes from 10,000 feet. At larger companies, you tend to be confined in specializations or departments, and this can hinder someone from expanding their horizons. My internship lead to a job at Standard Bank, but even if it didn't, I made friendships with people who were more than willing to help after just a short time of working together.

For instance, when I applied to continue my education with an MBA, the CFO of the bank offered to write letter of recommendation for me. There are not too many larger corporations where you get to know the CFO so fast AND have them offer to take the time to help you continue your journey.

The environment at a community bank was nice because I got to know everyone…and I mean EVERYONE. From the CEO, to the entire finance department, to office associates and facilities management. The connections someone can make at a community bank compared to a big corporation can be surprising. A good portion of the bank's associates worked for large corporations for decades and maintain a wide network of contacts, which has already helped me.

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and everyone I worked with at Standard Bank. Compared to my peers' internships, I feel I received a bigger picture experience and made more connections then they did within a short 3-month period. They may have received a more concentrated experience down one path, but that wasn't a risk I was willing to take so early on in my career. My internship gave me more than work experience, it gave me a great start to a lifelong career.'