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11/26/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/26/2021 05:34

Sber’s #SberDance effect tops TikTok in Russia

Sber's unique interactive challenge #SberDance, launched under the slogan "Dance with the stars, no matter where you are!" to commemorate SberBank's 180th birthday, is the biggest effect on TikTok in Russia, with almost 60,000 videos made in six days. All the videos using the #SberDance have been viewed almost 4 billion times, and their view counts continue to grow.

As part of the #SberDance project, anyone can dance with the digital avatars of Vera Brezhneva, Klava Koka, Vanya Dmitrienko, Anet Sai, or Philipp Kirkorov. The volumetric video can be viewed in augmented reality in your phone browser or on the project website. TikTok users were given the opportunity to take part in the #SberDance challenge.

The participants had the chance to win an iPhone 13, a SberBox set-top box, a SberPortal smart display, as well as a special prize: their duet video posted on a celebrity's social media. All that was needed to participate in the giveaway was to add the #SberDance hashtag to their post and tag Sber's official account. The results will be announced in late 2021.

#SberDance is the first project in Russia to be filmed in Sber AR/VR Lab's volumetric studio. The project was implemented with the participation of SberMarketing.

Vladislav Kreynin, senior vice president, and director of the Marketing and Communications Department, Sberbank:

"The success of #SberDance has shown that Sber is a technology leader, including in AR. The imaginative idea and accessibility of the project contributed to #SberDance's popularity, making it the top TikTok hit in Russia. I would like to thank the team that implemented the project and gave so many people the opportunity to showcase their talent and realize their dream of dancing and making a video with the stars."