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06/27/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/27/2019 13:34

The Importance of an Edge When You Are Riding or Racing

An onboard cycling computer is a vital part of your kit. It gives you the data you need. That data could be your power, how far you've ridden or how well you've done on 'your' segment.

With Garmin Edge cycling computers, you have precisely the same information and data that our professional teams have. All our teams use an Edge to manage races and riding and to gain an increase in performance and awareness.

To find out how the Edge is used to the maximum, we sat down with some of our riders and teams to understand how they use them in racing and training.

Chris Froome of Team Ineos picks it up: 'The Edge is incredibly important. All of our training is power-based, and I need a reliable head unit to give me the figures. Once I'm racing, I want something that shows real, live data, and GPS and maps, which are all vitally important to us whilst we're out on the road, and we make decisions based on this data.'

EF Education First Pro Cycling describes their use of the Edge. Tom Scully says, 'In race situations, the Garmin Edge helps me with the navigation of the race course. In a lot of the races, we don't see the course before the start, so without it, we're almost flying blind. We upload a GPX or TCX file of the course, that way when using the mapping screen, we know when we have a direction change. This, in relation to wind direction on the day, is vital information for us as tactics unfold throughout the race. Also, when we are approaching key climbs or cobbled sectors, distance to/from the finish, we can be in an optimal position in the peloton.'

Movistar Team agrees, stating, 'We utilize stage files on the Edges in all our races. We have the race route and key points along the course on the Edge to help plan and communicate tactics in-race and also for security reasons to keep an eye on the 'hot points.' In events such as Paris-Roubaix, this is critical - being in the right position for the upcoming cobblestone sections can be the difference between making the split or not. Same in the mountain stages, particularly when approaching the big climbs.'

As you can see, Edge function is crucial, with mapping being vitally important for all of our teams. To know specifically where they're going and what that means to the race really contributes to the overall strategy can contribute specifically to which rider attacks, which doesn't and how they all stay safe.