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12/02/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/02/2021 03:34

KOROCHE podcast – new version launch together with Sber

Sber is launching its new podcast using an ongoing original project called KOROCHE (trans. In a Nutshell) as its foundation. In the new season starting November 30, the focus will be on "prices and values" of the new time. Podcast hosts will talk about money and the opportunities they open up, ethical issues facing every person, and the events that might yet seem unnoticeable but they have defining nature in our lives.

The first episodes will focus on how our behavioral patterns have changed in the era of loans, how the pandemic has affected our perception of luxury goods, and why intangible goods have come to be considered luxurious, as compared to what luxury used to be. Another important topic of the new season of KOROCHE is emotional intelligence as the main currency of the new era.

Valentin Vasin, acting managing director, head of external communications and reputation, Sberbank:

"Content listening - the current trend - is only getting stronger by the year. In 2020, more than 16 million residents of large cities in Russia listened to podcasts at least once a month. The rapid growth in popularity of podcasts means that it is now one of the most effective channels for communicating with our audience. The feedback we receive shows that our clients perceive Sber as a source of useful information not only in financial matters, but also in related fields.

"The first season of the KOROCHE podcast became popular due to three components: charismatic hosts, interesting topics, and extraordinary points of view voiced on the air. I am certain that our collaboration in season two will enable the podcast team to create even more vibrant and immersive audio content and topics that the hosts will touch upon will be of interest to a wide audience."

Maria Komandnaya and Pavel Osovtsov, authors, KOROCHE:

"The audience of the KOROCHE podcast is very progressive - entrepreneurs, professionals from creative industries, and office workers. They are the people who shape a new reality around themselves and take a very responsible approach to the content they consume. Podcasts are basically the greenest media environment at the moment. We are confident that the partnership with Sber will allow us to reach the next level in terms of producing high-quality, useful content and together create a new podcast backbone that meets the interests of our current audience and new listeners."

The podcast will keep its name (KOROCHE), the hosts, and will be available for listening on the following platforms: SberSound, Apple Podcasts, Music.Yandex, Castbox, and Google Podcasts.

KOROCHE is a weekly podcast by Maria Komandnaya and Pavel Osovtsov launched in June 2020. The project is dedicated to the agenda and problems of the new time. For a year and a half since the project's inception, the podcast has raised a variety of topics - from new ethics and environmental problems to how to cope with emotional burnout and begin to understand the new Russian cinema. The podcast makes it to the top 50 Russian podcasts according to Music.Yandex regularly.