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12/06/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/06/2018 11:08

Next MFF. Strengthening law enforcement training can benefit strategic investment in European security

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) is a frontline actor in contributing to internal security of the EU through capacity building and training efforts. It bears responsibility for topics identified by the Austrian Presidency's document on 'Priorities for the Next MFF' - underlined CEPOL's Executive Director at the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting in Brussels, discussing the document today.

While commenting on the Priorities for the Next Multiannual Financial Framework, Detlef Schröder stressed that in the age of digitalisation, the amount of digital data, with which police and customs are confronted on a daily basis, require specific skills, competencies, and training in areas of e-evidence, digital forensics, or cyber-investigation techniques.

The role of the CEPOL in training law enforcement services in the Union and its neighbourhood constitutes a strategic investment in European security - he stressed, while adding - The internal and external security of the Union have become so intertwined that it is no longer possible to treat them separately.

Based on evidence provided by the Member States on EU's security threats, CEPOL's Executive Director referred to the Agency's recent study 'EU wide Strategic Training Needs Assessment', requesting to close many core capability gaps, that EU law enforcement communities are facing.

New large scale IT systems, like PNR, ETIAS and Entry-Exit System will change the way how law enforcement is operating currently. All this requires innovative, complex and state-of-the art European training to be provided - warned Schröder.

CEPOL is fully committed to provide top quality training opportunities to the EU law enforcement communities in order to fill the capability gaps in the light of the estimated strategic security threats for Europe, yet faces difficulties and challenges as far as budget and human resources situation remains unfavourable to address additional tasks and increased demand from the law enforcement community.

Additionally Council's document on 'Fight against people smuggling networks: a comprehensive and operational set of measures' discussed today recognised CEPOL's important role in addressing these problems. CEPOL's Strategic Training Needs Assessment (EU STNA) helps target specific areas where competency gaps remain an obstacle.