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07/26/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/26/2021 10:27

Announcing external Promoted Listings: Another way to connect with buyers

For more than 25 years, eBay's mission has been to empower people and create economic opportunities for the individuals and businesses that sell on our marketplace. We do this by connecting buyers and sellers across the world.

One of the key ways we connect buyers to our site and with your inventory is through our marketing investments, which ensure that eBay listings appear in external ads on partner sites and search platforms like Google and Bing.

We're happy to share that moving forward, Promoted Listings will be featured in these external ads, expanding the reach of sellers' Promoted Listings campaigns and providing additional listing visibility across the web.

While we are excited to introduce external Promoted Listings, we remain committed to providing sellers with the opportunity to be included in eBay's external advertising at no charge. Sellers will not be required to participate in external Promoted Listings in order to be eligible to appear in eBay advertisements on search platforms or partner sites.

What sellers need to know about external Promoted Listings:

  • External Promoted Listings come at no additional cost to sellers.The Promoted Listings ad rate works the same on and off eBay. If a buyer clicks on a promoted listing and purchases that item within 30 days of that click, the seller pays the ad rate determined at the time of the click.
  • We've updated our downloadable campaign reports to show the impact of external Promoted Listings. Metrics include:
    • Promoted Listings clicks (via external placements)
    • Promoted Listings conversion rate (via external placements)
    • Promoted Listings sales (via external placements)
    • Ad fees (via external placements)
  • Sellers who use Promoted Listings will be automatically eligible to be featured in external Promoted Listings. Sellers who use Promoted Listings will not need to take any additional action.
  • It is not mandatory to participate in external Promoted Listings. eBay sellers can opt out, and sellers who do not participate will continue to be eligible to appear in eBay's external advertising.

For more detailed information, visit Help Hub.