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02/24/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/24/2021 10:35

DXC Bulgaria helps local families access remote education

To help provide home-based schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic, DXC Bulgaria has donated more than 325 laptops and Internet service to local families in need.

The project was initiated by DXC Bulgaria employees, who have a strong tradition of initiating corporate responsibility efforts. Under the motto 'We Care,' the employees started a campaign to gather suggestions for families needing technical support. They then collected used company computers that could be donated to the families for online learning.

Among the families helped was one with a child who has a learning disability and attends special communication and speech-therapy sessions. In another instance, we helped a single parent whose child has cerebral palsy. And in yet another, we donated computing equipment to 9 children currently in foster care.

'Young children whose life journeys are just beginning need good support and education in their most critical years,' says Kamen Dobrev, DXC Bulgaria's global innovation & delivery center lead. 'Our team showed what action truly means. We found a way to support the local community.'

Balancing act

Everyone's lives have changed in the 'new normal' world we now live in. The local DXC team has had to find the right balance between maintaining our way of life on the one hand and following new safety practices on the other. With many local schools closed, there also has been a need to provide new ways of educating our children.

Like many educational systems worldwide, Bulgaria's schools have scrambled to provide remote education as a working solution. Given the extreme time pressure, however, some children were left without the equipment needed to attend school online. The local DXC team decided this was a problem requiring our immediate attention.

As the situation evolves, the DXC Bulgaria team is responding to the educational issue with a new campaign. Our goal: to provide more equipment and online access to children in need.

'We will continue to support and engage with our local communities,' Dobrev says, 'showing that we are stronger together.'

About the Author

Georgi Dimitrov is senior project manager, Scrum master and agile coach in the GIDC Eastern Europe organization. He is part of the core team behind the 'Help children homeschooling' (We care) campaign, and a member of the DXC Ambassador's program with a strong focus on the company's charity and donation initiatives.