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09/26/2020 | Press release | Archived content

Repair Work at Peechi Dam by Naval Diving Team

Naval diving team of Southern Naval Command (SNC), based at Kochi has successfully completed repairs to the sluice gate of Peechi Dam, Thrissur on 26 Sep 20. The team of Naval divers from SNC was deployed since 22 Sep 20 for rectification of emergency shutters at sluice gate of the dam consequent to a request from district administration, Trichur.

One of the check valves, which control the flow of water to small hydro project, located on the sides of the spillway shutters had malfunctioned resulting in a gap of four metres in the gate located inside the dam at the depth of 20 metres. The other gates of the dam, therefore, had to be partially opened to stop the rising water levels in the dam. The naval divers undertook diving to clear a big log and other debris at the site, which prevented lowering of the gate.
The extreme high pressure of gushing water had made the task arduous and highly risk intensive. After continuous diving efforts for the past four days, the Naval diving team carried out various modifications in the gate with the help from Irrigation dept. and KSEB officials, and successfully lowered the gate fully.

Shri. S. Shanavas IAS, DC, Thrissur and officials of Irrigation Dept. thanked the Indian Navy and expressed gratitude to the Naval Diving team of Southern Naval Command for their support to contain the situation.

The Naval Diving Team is trained at the Diving School at the Southern Naval Command. In addition to training the Indian Navy divers, Diving School trains divers for the Indian Army, Coast Guard, and BSF and from friendly foreign countries. Recently the diving team from SNC was involved in diving efforts off Mauritius.