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12/03/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/03/2019 16:58

World Class Expertise Displayed at KBR Technology Days

From the US to the UK and Oman, KBR's annual Technology Days inspired employees while showcasing KBR's technology capabilities from across the business and sharing internal expertise. The events, which took place in Houston, Leatherhead and Muscat this fall connected KBR experts with the common goal of gaining a better understanding of the wide variety of KBR's digital solutions.

In Houston, topics of focus ranged from artificial intelligence/machine learning; cybersecurity; ground systems and mission operations; autonomy/UAS; smart maintenance; and information technology. Presentation topics also included augmented/virtual reality training, leveraging digital twins for visualization and simulation and supporting contingency planning, risk management for autonomous systems and many more.

This year's event was three times larger than the previous year, which is a testament to the value it delivers. It featured 37 technical briefs presented by KBR employees and optional tours of two nearby NASA facilities. It also included a special presentation on robotics from the chief of Johnson Space Center's Software, Robotics and Simulation Division.

'This is a unique event in KBR,' said Vernon McDonald, Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions. 'It brings together experts who use the same technologies regardless of where they work or in the customer they support. It is an opportunity for everyone to learn from one another and to learn more about the variety of work we do in KBR.'

Technology Day in Leatherhead focused on collaboration, alignment and priority technology themes. Attended by senior BP clients, the event was a One KBR delivery between Energy, Technology and Government Solutions and was spear-headed by the Global Consulting Team. KBR experts, including colleagues from NASA's Johnson Space Center, discussed the capabilities, experience and synergies around minimal manning, unmanned and remote operations.

'The BP Technology Day was important to showcase to our client how we are path-finding for the wider One KBR,' said Ben Swafford, Vice President, Global Consulting. 'It gave us the opportunity to publicize our strategic ambitions and provide an overview of the global business aligned with trends in the industry. He continued, 'As a direct result of the success of the event, we will extend our engagement with BP and other clients in a series of Technology Days in 2020.'

Meanwhile in Oman, more than 150 Omani graduates, students, researchers and industry experts from the energy and mining sector attended a two-day Technology Day event at the Institute of Oil and Gas (InstOG) at the Innovation Park, Muscat.

The workshop, delivered in conjunction with the EJAAD Establishment, informed the participants on the current refining trends in Oman and GCC countries, digitalization solutions, refining basics, KBR refining technologies and KBR bottom barrel processing technologies. In addition, KBR experts from Houston, Abu Dhabi and the UK delivered in-dept sessions on the elements required to ensure the future of this vital sector.

KBR is currently working on multiple projects with Oman LNG and supporting Oman LNG in various ICV initiatives in the areas of recruiting Omani nationals, training of Omani Engineering Graduates in Oman, UK and India, sponsoring Technology days and spreading KBR's One Ocean initiatives to schools and colleges in Oman.

'We were delighted to work with EJAAD to bring this event to Oman and to showcase and share KBR's expertise,' said Ahmed Al-Dadah, Vice President, Energy Solutions Middle East. 'This workshop is part of the KBR's plan to transfer knowledge and contribute to in country value and local content to ensure a vibrant and skilled Omani workforce.'

This year's Technology Day events helped facilitate the transfer of solutions to new KBR customers. The events also created greater awareness of KBR capabilities related to digitalization, developed collaborative internal employee networks and provided a professional growth opportunity for presenters.