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09/10/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/10/2019 06:34

Suriname's Issa: ''We've never felt closer to FIBA than now''

PARAMARIBO (Suriname) - The President of the Suriname Basketball Association (SBA), Conrad Issa, says he feels inspired by all the initiatives set forth by FIBA to develop and popularize the sport and that have brought great achievements to his country's basketball.

Since 2018, Suriname has been developing significantly, starting with the third place in the FIBA AmeriCup Pre-Qualifiers 2021. Suriname has also been able to send several players overseas, such as Roché Groofthman, who's playing for Utah State. They've also initiated efforts to popularize the sport and take it to underprivileged areas, as well as to promote the 3x3 modality and incorporate girls into the discipline.

These measures follow the FIBA goals of turning basketball into the world's most popular sport, increase female participation and, above all, amplify the work done by the national federations in the development aspect, and help them elevate their level.

'We're very grateful for all this development and contact we're establishing with the people of FIBA,' said Conrad Issa, SBA President, to 'I've been working with the SBA since 2012 and we've never felt closer to FIBA like we do now. And I want to repeat that: we've never felt closer to FIBA.'

Among the initiatives Issa wished to point out is the Youth Development Program Camp organized by FIBA Americas, where one of his own, Imanuel Zorgvol, was chosen for the All-Star Five. According to the Federation's leader, this result stimulates the youth to participate much more.

'We've been hosting camps and all types of activities, so you know that after years nothing happening in this sense, the youth see that there are opportunities for them to grow using basketball as a platform,' said Issa.

Issa also pointed out the impact that the FIBA initiatives have on his organization and the rest of the population, which go beyond basketball. He stresses his interest in continuing the work in Suriname. Issa expects that other young players in Suriname, just like Zorgvol, have the chance of participating in the next YDP.

'The impact of this camp and everything that surrounds it has an impact and many more positive effects and repercussions than FIBA may imagine. We're very grateful and looking forward to October to take part in this type of FIBA program.'