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11/16/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 11/16/2021 16:01

Higher Achievement’s Poetic Tribute to Rick England

Higher Achievement's Poetic Tribute to Rick England

Madison's Rick England, CFP® recently concluded his 6th year of serving on the national board of Higher Achievement, a nonprofit organization that helps close the academic gap for at-risk students in the pivotal middle-school years.

Higher Achievement's board members and staff held a special luncheon for Rick, and there recited a poetic tribute in Rick's honor. Lynsey Jeffries, CEO of Higher Achievement, composed and wrote this clever poem that captures Rick's long-term and dedicated commitment to community.

This will not be the end of Rick's involvement with Higher Achievement. Along with nine other former board members, Rick will continue as an emeritus board member, supporting the organization both financially and by spreading the word in the community.

Founded in 1975, Higher Achievement provides rigorous academic mentoring and support focused exclusively to 5th through 8th grade "scholars" in underserved neighborhoods. Programs include after-school homework coaching and intensive small-group academic mentoring. Summer programs offer math, literature, science, and social studies classes, plus field trips and college visits. In any given year, Higher Achievement has about 600 students enrolled in this after school program.

Higher Achievement is a growing organization based in several cities - DC Metro, Baltimore, and Richmond. At the most critical time for these young scholars, Higher Achievement helps to shape values, instill confidence, and provide leadership skills. Please take a look at their impact.

  • 95% of their scholars graduate high school on time and ready to pursue post-secondary goals.
  • 63% of their scholars show positive grade impacts.
  • Scholars gain an extra 48 school days in math per year, through the program.
  • Scholars gain an extra 30 school days in reading per year, through the program.

And, external research has shown that Higher Achievement has had a statistically significant effect on standardized test scores, certain types of family engagement, placement in top high schools, and avoidance of struggling high schools. In addition, the organization's alumni now number more than 10,000. Many have gone on to become engineers, artists, lawyers, educators, and business executives.

The Madison team congratulates Rick on his long-term service and support of Higher Achievement, an outstanding organization that truly makes an impact in the lives of at-risk youth. Learn more about Higher Achievement's impact at